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6 easy ways to make your phone and laptop last longer

6 easy ways to make your phone and laptop last longer

These days no one wants to shell out a lot for a new phone, tablet or computer. So, the key is to make your current equipment last longer.

But can you remember the last time you powered down your smartphone, rebooted your laptop or gave your devices a break from their chargers?

3 ways to keep your laptop safe

Tony Marshall, who owns a laptop repair shop AAA Laptops and moreSays there are three things people should do to keep their computers healthy.

“Right here,” he said, pointing to a clogged vent. “That’s dust.”

Second, Marshall asks to keep the laptop away from the bed.

“The worst places to use a laptop are on a blanket or directly on the couch,” he said.

It can overheat and shut down, and sometimes damage the video chip.

“Heat is your laptop’s enemy,” he said.

His third tip: Keep your coffee or Coke covered. Even a small leak can damage the laptop.

“If it gets into those keys, it’s going straight into the electronics,” he warned.

3 ways to keep your phone secure

What about smaller devices like your phone?

Nathan Barbosa manages a u-break-i-fix repair shop. He says that overcharging is the first way to ruin your smartphone battery, comparing it to an overfilled gas tank.

“We really recommend short burst charges,” he said, “keeping your device between 40% and 80%.”

Instead of letting your phone charge overnight, he suggests that you charge it before bed, or when you’re driving home from work in the car, for example.

Next, Barbosa says, give your devices a chance to power down.

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“As long as you’re on your feet, it’s on your feet,” he said.

Never powering down can damage the battery.

Additionally, you miss important security updates.

Barbosa said the third mistake people make is using unsupported accessories that aren’t FCC approved.

While no-name fees can be cheap, Barbosa warns they can also be a danger.

“You can burn the other side of it,” he said. “I mean, it’s a huge security risk.”

So try those simple steps to keep your gadget away from the repair shop so that you don’t waste your money.


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