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17-Year-Old Kylie Welch Earns Miss Teen Idaho Voice for Autism Title

17-Year-Old Kylie Welch Earns Miss Teen Idaho Voice for Autism Title

CALDWELL, Idaho – Caldwell Mayor Jerome Wagner honored 17-year-old Kylie Welch for being crowned Miss Teen Idaho Voice for Autism.

“It feels amazing,” said Kylie Welch, Miss Teen Idaho Voice for Autism.

Welch, a Caldwell resident, has been crowned Miss Teen Idaho Voice for Autism. Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction. Welch was diagnosed with autism when she was just 6 years old.

Kylie’s mom, Debbie Welch, told me that The Voice for Autism pageant has helped Kylie in many ways.

Kylie’s mom said, “It was a good way for our Kylie to make friends, to gain that confidence, to have people see her for just who she is.”

Kylie was introduced to the pageant world by her good friend, Sarah Goodpasture, who was the 2017 Idaho Girls Rodeo Association queen. Goodpasture said she saw something special in Kylie and thought she would be a great pageant queen.

“We went ahead, and we gave her a crown, and she became Miss Honorary IGRA Queen. And since then, it’s been wonderful to watch her grow,” said Sarah Goodpasture, former queen of the Idaho Girls’ Rodeo Association.

From there, Kylie began traveling the country to compete, making it to the Miss Voice for Autism pageant in Alabama.

Welch shared her favorite part of the pageant, saying, “Fun fashion is when you get to be sassy, โ€‹โ€‹and you show off your skirt and twirl and turn.”

Kylie is excited to continue her community service work and raise awareness for autism through community appearances.

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“And like on Kylie’s platform, be beautiful and be amazing no matter what your obstacles are. I think it’s painted for everyone, and I hope people can live by that and see through that,” said Debbie Welch.

If you would like to support Kylie through her Miss Idaho Voice for Autism journey, you can donate to cover the cost of her travel gofundme account,

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