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15-year-old missing in Ann Arbor, family and police outline suspicious details

15-year-old missing in Ann Arbor, family and police outline suspicious details

With tears in their eyes, Anthony Lopez, Michael Sugano and John Davidson all sat together on a family couch to talk about their missing 15-year-old sister and daughter, Adrianna Davidson.

John Davidson told 7 Action News that he last heard from his daughter, whom he calls “Edie,” when she left to take an Ann Arbor public bus, “The Ride.”

When Addy didn’t come home on Friday afternoon she called and texted him, she always answered him, but on Friday she didn’t.

Davidson said, “What are we going at? Another day now? That’s not my daughter.”

Davidson said when Eddie didn’t respond to him Friday afternoon, he became concerned, called his friends and went to her school but she was nowhere to be found.

By midnight Friday, when he still had not found her, he contacted the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department.

Derrick Jackson, director of community engagement with the Washington Sheriff’s Office, told 7 Action News, “There are definitely some questionable parts of this.”

Jackson said the sheriff’s office was able to determine, using public bus video, that Edie came to school Friday morning, but she soon left, with friends saying she was not feeling well.

According to Jackson, the bus video shows Addie back at the school again around noon on Friday, she never went inside and that was the last time she was seen.

When asked if he knew where she went, Jackson replied, “We have no information at this point, so we are asking for the public’s help.”

One of Addy’s best friends told Addy’s brother, Anthony Lopez, that he saw Addy leaving school on Friday.

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He told Lopez that he texted Addy and shared a screenshot of the text with Lopez.

Lopez told 7 Action News; “The text messages between him and his friend are time stamped at 12:26 p.m. where he texted my sister saying ‘You straight?’ And then Eddie replied by saying ‘no’.”

This is the last text anyone has heard from Addy.

You can read the text for yourself in the video above, the implication being that Eddie was tired, he could hear his friend’s “Vayam?” Never answers after asking.

Addy’s cell phone was reportedly found on the Pioneer High School tennis court Friday afternoon by a student, who then gave the phone to Addy’s best friend.

The phone is now in the custody of the police.

The phone being left behind is a major concern for both the family and the sheriff’s office.

When asked if he suspected foul play, John Davidson said, “I do.”

Lopez said, “When I learned that Eddie was possibly missing, I knew right away that he was not a fugitive. The red flag for me was the phone call.”

Jackson said, “What teenage girl just wanders off and leaves her phone behind and doesn’t contact anyone?”

Jackson was last seen Friday afternoon wearing a green coat, black Ugg boots and clear-framed glasses, according to Addy.

The family spent all Sunday in Ann Arbor handing out flyers for the missing 15-year-old.

If you know anything you are asked to call the Washtenaw Sheriff’s Anonymous Tip Line at 734-973-7711, or Washtenaw Sheriff Dispatch at 734-994-2911.

You can also contact Anthony Lopez at [email protected]

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“I know wherever he is, he’s not there voluntarily,” Lopez said.

“Please come home,” said Father John Davidson.

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