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Who wants to be a billionaire? Alabamians cross state lines to shoot their shot

Who wants to be a billionaire?  Alabamians cross state lines to shoot their shot

TALLAPOOSA, GA (WIAT)– Tonight’s lottery drawing is now the largest Powerball jackpot in history, and Alabamians are crossing state lines to shoot their shot at becoming America’s next billionaire.

Alabama is one of only five states without a lottery, but Alabamians who bought tickets in Georgia told CBS42 they didn’t want to miss out on a chance at a record $1.6 billion by logging a few hours of travel time.

โ€œI feel lucky. I’m just taking a leap of faith,โ€ said Ladreka Morris, who drove from Talladega to Georgia.

Lines spilled out at a Robinson gas station in Tallapoosa, Georgia as people waited for their chance to win. Some Alabamians told CBS42 they have big dreams if they’re lucky enough to collect the cash prize.

“I start my model classes for one,” Morris said.

“Oh, we’ll probably go to the Philippines,” said Fairfield resident Calvin Moore.

As for others, like Sandra Davis, they keep their earnings under the radar.

“Umm I’ll be quiet about that,” said Davis, who is from Bessemer.

There’s just one catchโ€”Alabama doesn’t have a lottery, and many like Moore don’t want to be forced to cross the state line.

“The citizens of Alabama are taking their hard-earned money and supporting another economyโ€”another state economyโ€”that we can leave money at home and maybe do some great things with,” Moore said.

However, knowing how strong the winning ticket is, they say they cannot pass up this opportunity.

“You know, to not only make some of our dreams come true, but also to help the community more than we do right now,” Moore said. “That’s the biggest impact. Like, living debt-free and not having to worry about finances, especially now when inflation is so hard.

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Davis said winning would change his life.

“A great thing,” Davis said. โ€œI can pay off my daughter’s college, my college loansโ€”everything. And I can provide for my family too.

Now’s the time to check your numbers if you’re on the lookout for that golden ticket.

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