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Man says Phoenix mother cheated on him 3 times by faking her child’s brain cancer

Man says Phoenix mother cheated on him 3 times by faking her child’s brain cancer

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Phoenix mother and accused scam artist allegedly faked her child’s brain cancer to rip off donors. Now he is reporting fraud, and since his arrest, more and more victims have come forward to explain how he stole from them. Angel Quihuis told Arizona Family that she and her girlfriend, who worked with the alleged con man’s husband, were taken to their home because they were staying at a motel. During that time period, Quihuis said he was scammed three times.

Quihuis said it happened when Monique Coria posed as a Live Nation employee and sold her tickets to see and meet the ‘Pitbull’ artist in 2021. “We went to the concert to say, these tickets are not valid,” he said. Quihuis. “I had my whole family there watching me. It was one of the biggest embarrassments ever, mate.’

Soon after, Quihuis said Coria tricked him again, this time to get a deposit on an English Bulldog he’d always wanted but never came. โ€œThat was my dream dog, the one I wanted. He showed me pictures of the man I wanted to get,” he said. “Still no dog, still no ticket.”

Finally, the Quihuis were cheated again, this time for a trip to Disneyland that never happened. “People are going to see this and say, ‘how did he get you more than three times?'” said Arizona Family reporter David Caltabiano. “I can say this. The people in my life, who I trusted with my life, and I thought were one of them, lived across the hall. I saw them every day,” he said.

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Eventually, Quihuis said he kicked Coria and her husband out of the house after the $3,000 went missing. So it’s no surprise that Coria allegedly tried to trick more people into donating that her little girl had brain cancer. “It made me smile to know that justice was finally served,” Quihuis said.

Quihuis said he regrets not going to the police after being scammed. Tolleson police told Arizona Family that Coria is being investigated for another fraud scheme.

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