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FEMA is paying out $714 million in aid to Floridians after Ian

FEMA is paying out 4 million in aid to Floridians after Ian

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has paid out more than $714 million in individual aid to victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida, according to newly released figures. The money was awarded to households in 26 counties designated as disaster areas by federal authorities after the historic storm.

FEMA funds are given to disaster victims who have applied and qualified for financial assistance to replace or make repairs to their home or to pay rent. The money also covers the replacement of essential household items and other disaster-related expenses, such as car repairs, child care or temporary housing.

Payments to victims in Lee County, where Ian made landfall with a 15-foot storm surge, dwarfed other Florida counties. So far, victims there have received more than $290 million, or about 40% of the total distributed. The next highest areas were counties closer to Ian’s landfall and those that saw severe flooding as Ian crossed Florida. Volusia County was second in aid ($64 million), followed by Charlotte ($59 million), Orange ($51 million) and Sarasota ($48 million).

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FEMA is paying out 4 million in aid to Floridians after Ian

Fort Myers Beach, along with other barrier islands in Lee County, took the brunt of Ian’s assault on the Florida coast. When the storm, a Category 4 storm, made landfall near Cayo Costa at 3:05 p.m. on September 28, it brought 150 mph winds and a powerful storm surge through the center of the city.

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Ian pummeled the state with crushing storm surge, wiping out wind speeds and torrential rain, leaving a swath of destruction along the I-4 corridor from the southwest coast. The hurricane, the fifth most powerful to ever hit the US, left scores of homes and businesses damaged or flooded and nearly 2.7 million people without power.

Here’s a map showing the amount of money residents in each county received through FEMA’s individual assistance program, followed by a county-by-county list:

More than $1.88 billion in federal grants, disaster loans and flood insurance payments have been made available to the state of Florida and households to help survivors recover from Hurricane Ian.

In addition to the $714 million in individual housing assistance, FEMA said this week that it has sent $322 million to Florida for emergency response; $533 million in disaster loans from the US Small Business Administration; and paid out $313 million under the National Flood Insurance Program.

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