Binance + Ledger = simplified crypto purchase

Binance + Ledger = simplified crypto purchase

The construction of the cryptocurrency ecosystem does not know the seasons of its different cycles. Because despite the current general decline, major partnerships and meetings are taking place between certain giants in this sector. A reality that currently concerns the Binance platform and French society Ledgerworld leader in hard wallets. This is to “strengthen the Web3 ecosystem” by making the purchase of cryptocurrencies simpler and more secure. Explanationsโ€ฆ

What could be more natural than to see a strategic rapprochement taking place between two giants of the cryptocurrency sector. And this for the purpose of make access to these digital currencies simpler and more secure. Because this is currently the case with the Binance platform and the manufacturer of hardware wallets Ledger, associated in order to โ€œmake the purchase of cryptos even more accessibleโ€. All thanks to an option directly integrated into the Nano S and Nano X hard wallets.

Binance โ€“ Buying cryptocurrencies on Ledger

The information just fell yesterday and there is no doubt that it will help promote access to cryptocurrencies. Indeed, it will now be possible topurchase over 80 different ones directly using the desktop version of Ledger Live, the Ledger Companion app. A service available in 10 languages, provided by Binance, which will no longer require โ€œany additional intermediaryโ€.

As part of Binance’s mission to make crypto as accessible as possible, the company has partnered with Ledger, a designer of self-contained custodial hardware wallets, to enable more users to purchase tokens in the fiat currency of their choice with their bank card such as Visa or Mastercard.


Nevertheless, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions to access this new service. And in the first place, of course, to be the holder of a Nano S or Nano X storage key. But you must also be registered with the Binance platform, with compulsory passage of a KYC in any case compulsory in Europe. This in order to be able to buy cryptocurrencies directly in the Ledger Live application, via the โ€œDiscoverโ€ section. Everything then happens using a simple bank card and in just a few clicks.

A partnership that would only be the foundation stone for further collaboration between these two companies. With the next step announced, an opening of this service to the mobile version of Ledger Live, as well as the addition of other means of payment. A case to follow and experienceโ€ฆ

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