Wordle #485 Answer Today, Hint and Guides for Monday, October 17 Word of the Day

Wordle #485 Answer Today, Hint and Guides for Monday, October 17 Word of the Day

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow creep at this small pace. Wordles, Wordles, Wordles.

In high school I was a theater player. I was in the theater during and after school and didn’t like anything like Shakespeare. In my first play, Macbeth I got the role of Banquo, which was doubly fun because I also became a ghost (Halloween idea: Banquo’s ghost!).

In a Shakespeare play in my second high school –Much Ado About Nothing-I was cast as the villain Don John (Keanu Reeves played the same role in Kenneth Branagh’s movie).

Then we stopped doing Shakespeare (officially) so me and two friends got dressed Abridged Complete Works of Shakespeare, Which remains one of my dearest theatrical experiences – hilarious, funny, crazy through every Shakespeare play that has leveraged audience participation to really big impact. If you get a chance to see this performance live, you should jump on it. It’s so much fun.

We did everything on our own time, after school, with no school credit. However, we were able to sell some shows. I know it’s beautiful, but also one of the highlights of my high school years.

This was before cell phones and social media and all that distracting nonsense, so we had a relatively decent interest. Even video games of the time were less accommodating. I miss the 90’s.

Then again, we didn’t have things like online writing carts where you could work from home and write about Wordle! Until the tremor to the present!

Wordle’s solution today (spoilers!)

Hint: Handy bowl for foamy beer.

Hint: The vowels in this word are consecutive.

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the answer:

This was a very lucky day for me, especially since I don’t think I would have guessed the correct answer without everything lining up exactly with the first two guesses.

twice Popped into my head because of last night Dragon House. There is a pair of characters named Erryk and Arryk Cargyll. I was thinking twins But he decided against it and chose twice Instead, which was – in hindsight – a wise maneuver.

This narrowed my options to just 33, with three yellow squares. For my second guess though, I decided to use all the new letters in hopes of getting the last two letters. Fortunately for me, both the letters “S” and “N” fell into green squares, which allowed me to arrange the first three letters in the remaining middle points.

At this point, there was only one option left – although I forgot about it stein It could mean “large porcelain beer mug” and frankly only associate it with the end of many Jewish names such as Goldstein, Bernstein, etc.

But hey, whether it’s your last name or a frothy glass of beer, that’s all good for me! estate!

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