Why did Park Ji-Hu enjoy playing the little sister in Little Women

Why did Park Ji-Hu enjoy playing the little sister in Little Women

Park Ji-hu was attracted to her role in a Korean drama little Women Because she was fascinated by her character’s efforts to change her life for the better. That character, talented student Fen Hai, is the youngest of three sisters. Her older sisters, who play Nam Ji Hyun and Kim Go Eun, struggle to make their lives comfortable, often at their own expense, but sacrifices like these make In-Hye feel guilty. To change her life she makes some ill-advised choices.

โ€œI felt sorry for her because she was trying not to be a burden to her sisters,โ€ Park said. “I wish I could grow with her.”

Since In-hye desperately wants a better life, she spends most of her time at the house of her wealthy friend Hyo-rin. Her friend’s family is charmingly charming and powerful, everything is not so in her family. However, In-hye does not realize how dangerous the Hyo-rin family is and how they can threaten her sisters.

Park said, โ€œIn-hye has always sought a luxurious life and believed that she could live that life if she went to live with Hyo-rin.โ€ “I think this immature and foolish thought was shaped by her deprived childhood and her desire to escape poverty.”

The 12-episode drama is inspired by the story of the brotherhood Louisa May Alcott, but also the kind of stories that Alcott preferred to write: tales of intrigue, murder, and mystery. With a quick succession of sudden plot twists, the drama provided a fun set to work on.

โ€œThe atmosphere at the site was great,โ€ Park said. โ€œAnd I was able to trust my director and fellow actors with all my heart. I really learned a lot.โ€

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In addition to playing the younger sister, Park was treated like the younger sister on the set. Kim Go-eun and Nam Ji-hyun took good care of her.

She said, “They called me a nickname referring to the smallest child and took care of me as if I were little and expensive.” โ€œThanks to them, I had a lot of fun being on site.โ€

Although each sister on screen showed her own charm, she was fond of both.

“I can’t say I like one over the other,” Park said. โ€œThey are both family and at my side more than anyone else. I will love them no matter what.โ€

Park made her debut in a short film at the age of twelve. She had minor roles in dramas and films before starring in the award-winning independent film. hummingbird house Her performance in this film won her the Best Actress Award at the Tribeca Film Festival. Her international popularity grew after her role as a high school student in the zombie game We are all dead.

โ€œMy original dream was to become a broadcaster,โ€ Park said. โ€œI started acting by chance when the acting academy suggested I should try it. Out of curiosity, I started it as a hobby. But while I was shooting the movie hummingbird house, I realized I wanted to continue acting. I loved meeting and talking to different people in the field and getting to know myself in the process. These are the reasons why I love acting.โ€

Park plans to study theater and film at university, but he will also appear in the disaster film Concrete utopiaStarring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Joon, and Park Bo Young. Being a high school student and acting at the same time wasn’t always easy, but Park was determined. little Women It was her first TV drama after graduating from high school.

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“I worked hard because both were things I had to do and I didn’t want to neglect either of them,” she said. “I am proud to say that I graduated safely from high school.”

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