Two cooperatives in the Matanza Riachuelo Basin have achieved ecological adaptation

Two cooperatives in the Matanza Riachuelo Basin have achieved ecological adaptation

The oil company was declared a polluter in 2010, while it was run by Agroindustria Madero, which filed for bankruptcy in 2017. In the same year, its employees took back the company, managed to keep more than 100 jobs and resumed the goal of environmental adaptation.

After the reorganization of the cooperative, in 2018, it previously submitted a new adaptation plan absorbwhich was finally approved in 2019. The plan consisted of outsourcing environmental advice and effluent management works, which included improvements to the treatment plant, to a seed holding room, relocation of part of the inundation network, and studies of waste generated, from gaseous emissions, among other measures. .

Thursday morning, Director General of the Environment absorbBruno de Alto with the Director of Recovered Companies at the Ministry of Social Development, Eduardo “Vasco” MoroThey toured the oil company and handed out an environmental adaptation allowance.

On the other hand, this morning, in the framework of the start of a training on the correct operation of sewage plants organized by absorbthe Basin Environmental Adaptation Network and the Municipality of Almirante Brown, in the presence of the temporary local mayor, Juan Fabiani, the adaptation requirement was handed over to the Refrigeration Cooperative Emprendimientos y Servicios, which has also been a polluter since 2010.

โ€œSince we started the management of ACUMAR, headed by Martรญn Sabbatella, we have done very positive work with the recovered companies and cooperatives, which is the environmental adaptation of three of them, in the progress of four others, which have already submitted their adaptation plan and are in process, and in five others have managed Already from presenting it. All these developments are possible for the existence of a state.โ€De Alto said.

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With the goal that more companies can adapt, chief absorbMartin Sabatella signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Social Development to assist, accompany and strengthen the restored institutions and cooperatives on their way to cleaner production. In addition, working groups were formed, together with the Directorate of Recovered Companies and Local Governments, and the registry of repossessed companies and production cooperatives was opened.

The oil company’s tour also included the participation of the Communications Coordinator, Lucia Renoso; Monitoring Coordinator, Josรฉ Wiseman, Under Secretary of Production at La Matanza, Javier Rando; Director of the Office of Employment Daniel Guan; Adviser to the Minister of Production, Facundo Rodano; and representatives of the cooperatives Farmacoop, La Foresta, Curtimpex, Vieytes, Cotramel, Citrus, Obrera Mรกximo Paz, Ciudad de Dios and the Union of Tanners Workers.

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