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Three voter complaints were filed in Maricopa County about possible voter intimidation

Three voter complaints were filed in Maricopa County about possible voter intimidation

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — The Secretary of State says they have received three complaints from voters trying to leave the first ballot. The first was from a Monday night voter who dropped off a ballot in the Mesa Juvenile Court drop box. They said a group of people were walking around and accused the voter and his wife of being “mules”. The complaint said the group was being filmed and left the parking lot to take photos of the license plates.

On Thursday, another complaint was filed from the same place. That voter said a group of men in their 20s were filming people as they cast their ballots. They said the group was taking pictures for “election security” but did not say which group they were with.

The third complaint was made by the Maricopa County Election Center on Wednesday. One voter said people in camouflage were taking pictures of them and their license plates. When he asked the group why they were filming and who they were with, they did not answer.

Election Protection Arizona volunteers say they have seen groups of observers around the ballot boxes. A volunteer said two nonmembers wearing masks were also carrying guns at the dropbox in Mesa Thursday night. “Why would someone bring a gun into a safe county complex? It certainly made me uncomfortable to see people with guns. I understand it’s an open carry situation, but it wasn’t necessary in that environment,” said Teresa Brice.

Election Protection volunteers wear purple shirts and say they are there to help voters with questions. Taylor Moss is the director. He says they are looking out for people to report voter intimidation. They don’t want groups sitting next to a dropbox harassing anyone. “Everyone wants to vote safely and unfortunately their presence can hurt that,” Moss said.

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The Secretary of State says the complaints were forwarded to the Department of Justice and the Arizona Attorney General. The AG’s Office is reviewing the complaints.

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