The state’s contribution to Aerolineas Argentinas will be reduced by 102 million US dollars during 2023

The state’s contribution to Aerolineas Argentinas will be reduced by 102 million US dollars during 2023

Today, the official spoke in the framework of the budget committee meeting – chaired by Carlos Heller – about the planned resources of the company in 2023, as his presence had been requested by the opposition coalition Together for Change.

The official explained that “the transfers by the treasury will amount to 412 million US dollars, a $102 million reduction compared to 2022.

In real terms by 2023 and in pesos, The expected contribution will be $90,000 million. That is only 26% above 2022.”

Reducing subscriptions year after year

Siriani said that “contributions to the national carrier will represent 0.31% of them, while in 2019 they were 0.48% and during this year 0.45%, and it is worth noting that so far in 2022 the company carried out only 48% of its work.” The budget, which received 34.700 million pesos, from the budgeted 72.000 million “

Along these lines, the official said, “These indicators account for Significant growth experienced by Argentine Airlines. We have been able to cover a significant portion of the expenses with our own revenue which is why we are implementing the custom component for this year. And we did so in a complex macroeconomic context.”

Siriani indicated in his presentation that during the current year They expect to carry “11 million passengers and reach 13 million by 2023, equal to the maximum figure for 2019”.

He pointed out that “it even aims to exceed the number of passengers carried on the local network by 5 percentage points compared to before Covid.”

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He also pointed out the importance of the company in terms of communication and in this regard he said that It operates “38 national lines and is the only operator in 21 of them”

He explained that it “occupies 45 inter-provincial routes, of which it flies exclusively on 30”.

Paul Sirani

Pablo Ciriani, President of Aerolineas Argentinas

Pablo Ciriani, President of Aerolineas Argentinas

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From this standpoint, he highlighted “the company’s participation in terms of Receiving tourism: Mainly with the promotion of direct routes from Brazil to the main tourist destinations in Argentina and the regionalization of Aeroparque.”

Finally, he pointed to the recovery of the tourist, oil and Atlantic corridor, in addition to a port Fleet renewal plan Through which Argentine Airlines entered 4 planes during 2022, and that Projects for the arrival of more aircraft during 2023.

Lawmakers from Together for Change have made various observations about the management of Argentine Airlines, and in this sense, MP Miguel Pazi said that “the level of efficiency and satisfaction is not what the government is proposing.”

“In airlines, we don’t have a high level of productivity, we have a large deficit, and the executive branch is obligated to review these issues,” Bazi said.

“We have a huge deficit that needs to be corrected, and at the same time we could have continued to use El Palomar Airport, which, among other things, succeeded in reducing transportation costs for many people who came from the interior to the city of Buenos Aires,” added the legislator.

For his part, the president of the Civic Coalition, Juan Manuel Lopez, said, “The leading company has no competitors, but its frequency is bad. Imagine that we are distinguished representatives, from the room we get tickets at good prices, and despite that, it is difficult for us to organize the sessions.”

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