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The Republican dark money mire is growing in the final days of the 2022 election campaign

The Republican dark money mire is growing in the final days of the 2022 election campaign

There are even dirtier direct mail ads from Fort Smith by a dark money outfit aimed at ousting the few Democrats left in the House — Representative Jay Richardson Fort Smith and Representative David Whitaker of Fayetteville. Two districts were pulled in favor of Republicans.

If a Democratic politician said the phrase in direct quotes, I would appreciate the citation. But fear and hatred of gays and transgender people is a proven winner for Republicans and they don’t hesitate to use it, no matter how fake.

This mailer is from the so-called Independent Expenditure Committee, Make Liberty Win Arkansas. It leads Shane Henry, A Conway lawyer. Another officer was Elizabeth Curtis of Alexandria, Va. Noted: Trent Minner According to his LinkedIn page, Henry is associated with a law firm. Minner is the leader of a dark money group that spends nearly a million bucks to defeat democratic opposition Issue 2 And also contesting for the state assembly. He recently lost a meritless lawsuit that sought to shut down ads opposing his candidacy Spokesman Steve Magee.

A reported $28,000 infusion from Make Liberty Win Arkansas Win Liberty Federal PAC of Alexandria. It only supports Republican candidates. Open Secrets delved into its federal records, showing another shadowy group was Young Americans for Liberty as its biggest supporter in 2020.

It’s putting its money on beating Fayetteville’s Richardson and Whitaker. It is spending to support Richardson’s Republican opponent at most
Avery and Whitaker’s Republican opponent, Brian Hester.

Let politeness win Arkansas. Reject this mud.

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