The new combined cycling system has arrived in Nordelta

The new combined cycling system has arrived in Nordelta

But the community-identified benefits of this mode of transportation go further, and according to 77% of those surveyed, cities must be redesigned to use sustainable transportation. why? Among those who have already chosen it, 73% consider sustainability, caring for the environment, and impact on future generations as key factors in their decision-making. Among the main positive outcomes: improved air quality (83%), reduction in gases and emissions (82%) and promotion of healthy habits and collective well-being (79%).

Sustainable Mobility is a transportation model that represents a common interest for the three companies. The launch of Itaรบ Bike is the beginning of an important alliance that seeks, through a sustainable proposal, to provide a transportation solution in a geographical area. Where, without a doubt, the service will be essential to the local community and to the visitors who come to enjoy the landscape and nature.

Shared bike system is now available. 21 stations located in the main entrances and neighborhoods of Nordelta have opened, and they have 200 bikes available.

โ€œParticipating in this initiative in Itaรบ allows us to continue to work with sustainable mobility and our brand goal: to be an agent for transforming people. Through this accompaniment, we have the opportunity to expand our brand by bike, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

The new service can be used through the Itaรบ bike app, where a specific category and plan is selected, the required data is entered and with this information a bike can be picked up at any station.

โ€œAt Nordelta, we work to be a more sustainable city. Together with our neighbors, we make a huge effort to preserve the environment, flora and fauna, lakes and green spaces. Along these lines, we consider it important to bring about changes in urban mobility. That is why we are committed to promoting the bicycle as a means of transportation. For example, we already have more than 5 kilometers of bike lanes, we have 270 bicycles for free use for those who come to work in the city every day, and we have integrated the Itaรบ bike system for the use of our neighbors.Manuel Cosoy, director of the Nordella Neighborhood Association (AVN), says, “We will continue to work to ensure that the entire city is connected to exclusive trails for cyclists.”

โ€œWe are convinced that this project will have a positive impact on the community in the region and on the environment. More than a trend, new forms of mobility represent a positive change that is here to stay. For example, in Zurich, we have detected a significant acceleration in the past two years in changes in commuting habits that were already taking place, which is why we developed the NomADN platform, a comprehensive coverage for those who choose to move independently and lightly. and environmentally friendly,โ€ emphasized Adriana Arias, Head of Communications in Zurich, Argentina.

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The service will operate Tembici, a leader in micro-mobility in Latin America, responsible for more than 70 million rides in major Brazilian capitals, as well as in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, where it operates the public bicycle system. According to an investigation by the company, Argentina is among the top 5 countries in the region with the largest number of shared bike systems.

โ€œReaching Nordelta further advances Tembiciโ€™s goal, which seeks to move people more efficiently and sustainably. With each new place we reach, we realize how bicycles are transforming and democratizing public spaces,โ€ says Guillermo Rojas Yenny, Regional Director in Tembici.

The positive impact that the new mobility proposal will have on the environment is enormous: in 2021 alone, more than 7,000 tons of carbon dioxide will likely be avoided, through shared Tembici bike rides. In contrast, comfort (39%), health (23%) and time savings (13%) stand out as benefits that motivate people to use the cycling system.

current plans

Single ride: 45 minutes for $150.

Daily: 1 day for $350. 4 flights of up to 60 minutes in 24 hours.

Monthly: Every day of the month for $1,500 and 4 rides of up to 60 minutes per day.

Annual: Every day of the year for $12,000 and 4 rides up to 60 minutes per day.

If the usage time per flight is exceeded, then $8 per minute, starting from the fifth minute of the increase, will be deducted. To use the bike again, at the end of any ride it is necessary to wait 15 minutes.

  • Launch promotion: 100% discount on the monthly package, by entering the discount code “1MESGRATIS” in the app.
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