The Mission: Bull Bitcoin referral program with maximalist sauce

The Mission: Bull Bitcoin referral program with maximalist sauce

The team of bull bitcoin transforms its sponsorship program into a real anti-fiat money (fiat) maximalist mission. The non-custodial Canadian Bitcoin exchange that has been around since 2013 has indeed decided to go on a crusade to raise the bitcoin standard and at the same time tackle the fiduciary standard imposed by central banks. We tell you more about this unique 100% Bitcoin program.

To join the community as a Bull Bitcoin missionary, all you have to do is apply, get approved, and then share your link.

How to join the mission?

Before joining the missionaries, you must be approved by the team and agree to follow a code of good conduct. To do this, you will need to fill out a registration form available on the โ€œMissionโ€ page.

Missionaries will not be chosen lightlythey will indeed have to pass an interview so that the Bull Bitcoin team assesses their motivation:

โ€œYour application will be reviewed, you will be contacted (interviewed) by our team and we will make the decision whether or not to accept you as a missionary. In order to maintain the highest standards, admission to the mission will be strictly limitedโ€.

If successful, the missionary will receive a unique referral link.

As you might expect when you know the radical character of the maximalist spirit, future missionaries will lend some form of allegiance to the exchange, but mostly to Bitcoin, and only to Bitcoin, as the registration form the very clearly states:

โ€œYou cannot promote other Canadian Bitcoin exchanges. If you engage in any online actions or speech that damages the reputation of Bull Bitcoin (including the promotion of shitcoins), we reserve the right to withdraw you from the program at any time without noticeโ€.

earn bitcoin

Successful Bull Bitcoin missionaries will receive 0.5% of all transaction volumes made by the users of the users they referred you. They will also earn $10 more for each new user who signs up with the referral code. (more details on the conditions on the Bull Bitcoin website).

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earn bitcoin

Each user the missionaries convert to Bull Bitcoin will receive $20 as an incentive to use your referral code.

One community, one Telegram channel

Missionaries will have access to an exclusive Telegram channel allowing them to have direct access not only to the management of Bull Bitcoin, but more broadly to all other missionaries seeking to โ€œto create a network of like-minded bitcoin advocates working on a common missionโ€ specifies the Bull Bitcoin site.

The Mission page also states that monthly calls with the Bull Bitcoin team and other missionaries, led by Francis Pouliotwill be organized, the purpose being to obtain exclusive information on the Bitcoin ecosystem and Bull Bitcoin news

For those who would like to go even further, the organizers of the Mission assure that they will provide โ€œfinancial, logistical and social support for your Bitcoin events. Become a representative of Bull Bitcoin at conferences and meetingsโ€.

It should be noted that The Mission is a program that is not only open to Canadian residents and citizens.

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