Syngenta CEO is stepping down after 12 years

Syngenta CEO is stepping down after 12 years

โ€œNow comes a time when I allow myself to be surprised by life and I will be able to choose what makes me the happiestโ€; He reads the text posted by the businessman.

Good relationship with the Minister of Economy, Serge MassaThere is speculation with the businessman’s descent into politics.

In fact, he was the one who made the soybean dollar proposal to the government, the exchange rate intended for agricultural producers to settle dollars from the harvest.

In his most recent public statement to Forbes magazine, Aracrey pointed out that “From the industrial and commercial level, there is concern about what will happen to the income and how it will be managed in foreign trade, which, depending on imports, can last for a month or two. Something must be done in matters of exchange to make the flow of reserves and the Argentine economic system more sustainable.”

“a devaluation of traditional currency I don’t see it ideologically with the current government and going back ideologically, I don’t see it as something fruitful in such a dollar-based economy: a 50% devaluation means that after 40 days you won’t gain competitiveness or productivity because of the exchange rate “Aracry analysis confirmed That “the government should study division, as a Gradual devaluation of the currencywhere the part of the economy that wants to be protected from rising prices – health, food or vital industrial supplies – is left within the official exchange rate and left floating in the financial dollar Everything related to foreign travel and luxury goods.โ€

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The Syngenta director also considered that, “A year after the elections, it will be very difficult to make a decision tax changes Important, through which the state wants a fundamental debate. A state that is absent in everything or present in education, health and defense, but above all it is effective,โ€ he said.

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