Siemens is 175 years old: the largest industrial manufacturer

Siemens is 175 years old: the largest industrial manufacturer

founded in 1847Siemens, Inc Europe’s largest industrial manufacturing companywith presence in more than 190 countries; has more than 379 thousand professionals It operates in the industry, energy, health and infrastructure sectors, developing solutions that transform the world through technology with purpose.

โ€œWhen Siemens was founded in 1847, the world was in the middle of it The second industrial revolution. At that time, electricity was the emerging technology that changed the world from the mid-19th century onwards, and Siemens He made an important contribution to globalization by revolutionizing communications using the new telegraph. Today, we help shape digital transformation, and build new trends that help build a modern and sustainable future, with a technological and social vision.โ€ Roland Bosch, CEO of Siemens.

Currently Siemens It has business units of Smart Infrastructure and Digital Industries, which bring together professionals and products needed for the digital transformation of industries and cities, offering solutions such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, industrial 5G, self-management systems, blockchain, manufacturing additives, digital network and energy automation, twins Digital, electric mobility, among others.

Sustainability and innovation

As the world moves toward Industry 4.0 and the sector takes action to mitigate the effects of climate change, the company is ramping up activities and projects for physical decarbonization across the entire value chain, rapidly strengthening its portfolio of sustainable technology. Thus, Siemens invests in infrastructure and energy projects, developing new solutions that respond to the challenges of the coming years.

In this way, the company seeks to reduce emissions from its operations by 20% by 2030, and achieve a carbon-neutral supply chain by 2050, through its framework called “DEGREE”, which stands for decarbonization, ethics, governance, resource efficiency, equity and scalability recruitment ; This applies to all of Siemens’ business activities worldwide.

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On the other hand, the company promotes the application of clean technologies, highlighting energy transmission projects in the transport and infrastructure sectors in Germany, Dubai, Norway, Spain, France, Great Britain, the United States, Colombia, Bolivia, among others. ; Helping countries commit to reducing carbon dioxide and achieving the 2030 goals they promote United Nations (UN).

Since its founding, Siemens has been improving people’s daily lives through technology, and this goal in Argentina is what drives the daily activities of more than 600 employees in the country. Currently, challenges such as climate change, geopolitical tensions and the pandemic are driving the digital transformation of industrial companies, which is why Siemens seeks to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future and encourage the efficient use of resources with lower energy consumption, by producing disruptive technologies that benefit the development of society.

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