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SD Legislative Candidate Survey: Dan Andersson

SD Legislative Candidate Survey: Dan Andersson

WINNER, SD (Dakota News Now) – Dan Andersson is running as a Democrat for the South Dakota State Senate in District 21. District 21 is one of the largest legislative districts in the state, including the communities of Gregory, Platte, Winner. , and Wagner. Its southern border runs along the South Dakota-Nebraska state line. Andersson wants to unseat Republican Erin Tobin.

Dan Andersson is running as a Democrat for the South Dakota State Senate in District 21.
Dan Andersson is running as a Democrat for the South Dakota State Senate in District 21.(Shipping)

1. Who are you? Tell us about yourself in 100 words or less.

I am Dan Andersson, 51 years old, originally from Sweden, he met my wife Anna in London and since 2014 I live in her hometown Burke, with our children Sophie 8, Elizabeth 6, Anna 3 and Richard 1. I have worked as a software. developer and database analyst for the past 25 years. I became a US citizen in 2017. I speak six languages โ€‹โ€‹and have worked in 7 countries on three continents.

2. What motivated you to run for office?

Terrible performance by the Republican majority.

After decades of running South Dakota, they have given us rampant corruption, crumbling bridges and potholed roads, an underfunded education system, a hyper-expensive health care system, and a state government that is alienated from Native American tribes. We can do better, and I want to be a part of it.

3. Which public policies interest you? What would be your policy priorities in Pierre?

I care about my health more than anything. Access to healthcare is a human right, no one feels free to watch a loved one suffer because they cannot afford healthcare. Americans pay an average of $11,000 a year for their health care, three times more than countries with universal health care, and that’s not fair. This could easily change, and my passion is to shed light on this topic.

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4. Reducing the food tax has become central to this election cycle. Do you think the legislature should reduce the food tax in the next legislative session? Is there a tax instead of or in addition to it?

The food tax is a very regressive tax that affects the poorest the most, and I am in favor of reducing it.

5. The Supreme Court earlier this year in Roe v. He overruled Wade. South Dakota currently has a law that almost completely prevents abortion. Are there any exemptions that you would like the legislature to enact? What other laws would you like to see passed to help mothers and families?

I oppose the current law and its government’s expansion of women’s health care decision-making rights. Other family-friendly policies include both paid family leave and long-term affordable childcare.

6. Recreational marijuana is on the ballot in November. If passed, would you commit to legalization?

Yes, 100%, absolutely.

7. What is the most important quality for an elected official to have?

Being transparent to constituents about their views on issues and all actions they take in their elected roles.

8. Who do you draw inspiration from, and why?

I strive to be the politician I would want to vote for. This means having integrity and being transparent about one’s values, opinions and actions. I could cite many examples, but in this context I like Bernie Sanders, who has long established his moral compass and doesn’t have to rely on focus groups to craft his message. He knows what his opinion is on all matters, and you can take it or leave it, but there is never any ambiguity. I respect that, I think elected officials should be transparent with their constituents.

State legislative candidates in contested districts this election season were emailed the same survey to complete in Dakota News Now/KOTA Territory News. Except for a quick spelling and grammar correction, the answer didn’t edit the poster. Those who answered the survey questions have published their results.

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