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Peloton Bike Never Sold Out, But It’s $225 Off Amazon

Peloton Bike Never Sold Out, But It’s 5 Off Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale offers one of the rarest discounts on a hugely popular product. We are talking about Peloton (PTON) And, more specifically, the latest product discount that kicked off the home workout craze during the pandemic.

Until the end of Wednesday, October 12, you can get the original Peloton bike for just $1,225. That’s 15% off and a total savings of $220. The Peloton doesn’t even match that price, and this sale is the all-time low discount for the original bike.

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Peloton recently joined the Amazon marketplace, launching a retail store over the summer. If you choose to purchase during the October Prime Day Sale, you’ll get free delivery and assembly included on the original bike. Just choose the date and time, make sure your shoes have arrived, and you’re ready to start riding.

The bike is truly the cornerstone of the ecosystem. While everyone laughed at the early ads on a dedicated stand or in front of a scenic window, it’s decently compressed by four feet by two feet.

Like most exercise bikes, there’s adjustability (including the seat) for a comfortable ride, and a resistance control knob front and center so you can decide how “heavy” or “light” the ride is. You can also get patches for water bottle and weights.

The star of the show is the massive 22-inch touchscreen, where you can stream your cycling class – as well as other workouts Peloton offers – manage your profile, see achievements, and even track yourself on the leaderboard. Personally, I own an original Peloton bike and it is definitely well built, primarily steel. It’s heavy, weighing 135 lbs.

You will need to get shoes to secure it. There are third parties, but the Peloton cycling shoes are discounted to $93.75 from $125 on Prime Early Access sale as well. You can also provide some workout clothes here.

The other thing to know is that you’ll need a Peloton All-Access Membership, which comes out to $4 a month, to access the classes. It goes beyond just indoor cycling and running, dancing, cardio, high-intensity exercise, strength, yoga, and even meditation.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to join the Peloton or find a workout you can be late for, this rare sale on the Original Bike is well worth a long look. $225 is a rarity and there’s no telling when this deal will come back again.

Prices are accurate and items are in stock at time of posting.

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