Musk has an original idea against Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Apple

Musk has an original idea against Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Apple

A new actor enters the tech scene.

He is not just an actor.

This is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (TSLA) .

The world’s richest man, on October 4, returned his $44 billion offer to acquire Twitter (TWTR) , a social network considered the city square of our time. Essentially, a place where trendsetters and opinion makers meet.

Musk’s decision comes after months of battle with the platform’s management, which he accused of lying about the number of spam bots or fake accounts on the network.

Twitter has filed a complaint and asked a Delaware Chancery court to compel the billionaire to honor his initial commitment.

Many experts saw, in Musk’s withdrawal, a maneuver to renegotiate the initial price of $44 billion because market conditions had changed and were unfavorable to Twitter.

But in a theatrical stunt he had his secret to, Musk finally gave in.

X, “apply everything”

Barring a new development, the billionaire should take control of Twitter, which he promised to make private, within a few weeks.

In his first reaction to the latest developments, Musk announced that he was creating a new platform he called “X”. This will be the platform for everything, the money mogul said in tweets on October 4th.

The billionaire wrote: โ€œThe purchase of Twitter is an acceleration of the creation of X, the application of everything.โ€

When one user pointed out that he might have been better off building a new platform from scratch, Musk replied that Twitter would save him 3 to 5 years.

“I think it was easier to just start X from scratch,” the user said.

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Musk replied, “Maybe Twitter X speeds up by 3 to 5 years, but I could be wrong.”

This answer is the same one he gave to Tesla shareholders during the general meeting in August, when talking about Twitter. At that meeting, the CEO said he had ideas on how to “fundamentally” improve Twitter.

He hinted that his vision of Twitter was comparable to what he envisioned of X, a financial services company he co-founded in 1999 in Palo Alto, California, X merged in 2000 with software company The merged company became PayPal.

โ€œI kind of have a bigger view of what I thought or X could one day be,โ€ he told shareholders. “It’s a very great vision, and obviously that can start from scratch, but I think Twitter will help accelerate that by 3-5 years.”

He said he thinks he has a good sense of where he should direct the engineering team to Twitter to make it radically better, and that X will be something “very good for the world.”

X might look like WeChat and TikTok

Until Musk provides details on X, it is possible that this multi-functional platform is similar to the Chinese social networks Wechat and TikTok.

In fact, during an internal session with Twitter employees on June 16, Musk made it clear that he wanted Twitter to look like WeChat and TikTok if it wanted to achieve its goal of reaching 1 billion users.

Musk did not hide his admiration for the famous TikTok algorithm, which, according to him, does not allow the social network to be boring.

“We can polish Twitter the same way to be fun,” Musk told Twitter employees. It also appears to be an important social mission for Twitter: “I think Twitter could be much better at informing people about serious issues.”

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Musk was asked what success would mean for Twitter in 5-10 years, and replied that the platform should “contribute to building a stronger, long-lasting civilization where we are better able to understand the nature of reality.”

At the same time, Kotb also said that Twitter should make sure that “people are very entertained and informed.”

Its model is WeChat, the Chinese app that blends social media, payments, games, messaging, flight ticket booking, food ordering, shopping, etc.

โ€œThere is no WeChat equivalent outside of China,โ€ Musk said. โ€œYou basically live on WeChat in China. If we can recreate that with Twitter, weโ€™ll be a hit.โ€

Basically, X will be a competitor to Facebook (dead) tik tok, instagram, uber (Uber) Amazon (AMZN) apple (AAPL) and the alphabet (The Google) via youtube

Musk is often criticized for his excessive ambition and promises.

But it was these same promises that contributed to the formation of his legend.


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