Multimedia as a solution for exporting companies

Multimedia as a solution for exporting companies

however, The main cause of instability is the difficulty of securing spaces in sea, air and land freight. “Due to the lack of basic necessities as a result of international crises, new and unexpected tensions arose that ended with cost overruns, especially large fluctuations in sea freight values,” he explains. Joanna Mancilla, Head of Shipping at Interborders. “With a significant increase in demand for containers – he adds – shipping companies have been forced to adjust their rates, causing increases of up to 500%.”

As stated by Ricardo J. Sanchez and Fabio Weckert, members of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, in “Analysis of the Aviation and Maritime Industries in Post-Pandemic International Logistics”, Latin American export routes to Asia, the Middle East, India and regional trade, are those in which increases were observed that are not in line with the exported quantities. similarly, Imports from Europe, the Middle East and India suffered sporadic increases.

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Hence, Joanna makes it clear Finding spaces and prices according to budget and customer urgency is one of the main challenges that freight forwarders face.

Businessmen usually turn to us with unattainable requirements in their opinion, when we explain to them that export and import are possible. Logistics operators must guide them and find customized solutions to carry out their operations despite the current limitations. At this stage, Multimodal transport is presented as an option that offers the greatest advantages if the demands proposed by the market are considered“, Mentionsed.

By combining at least two different modes of transportation, without breaking the load, from leaving the production units to arriving at the final consumer’s warehouse, this is one of the solutions most chosen by customers. โ€œMultimodal transport has been created The preferred solution to the challenges posed by globalization‘ says the expert.

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The adoption of multimedia in logistics chains is reflected in many benefits such as Reduce and improve transit times, which meets the immediate needs of customers by allowing the use of corporate transportation in a more efficient and economical sense. Along the same lines, Acquisition of space and equipment is permitted when it is not possible to obtain them in the country of origin.

To overcome this shortcoming, Interborders offers Goods export service via Chile. The company focuses its strategic services by removing the container in that country, so that the truck then goes to the customer’s factory in Argentina, is assembled and then returned to the Chilean sea freight port.

The main loads transferred through this methodology are those that require controlled temperatures. Such as meat, chicken, fish, seafood, and fruits, provided they are available reefer containers in argentina became more limited.

Thus, the presence of a logistics operator that helps importing and exporting companies to implement multimodal strategies that improve their operations is a growing trend Ensures the smooth running of global supply chains.

As an expert operator of international logistics, Interborders is experienced in providing comprehensive logistics solutions by air, land and sea, connecting pallets on all continents.

The forwarder company works closely with Major marine and air companies To provide high quality services at competitive prices.

If your company does not have a reliable logistic operator, we invite you to learn more about Interborders.

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