Mother’s Day: Online sales are growing and the average ticket price is over $10,000

Mother’s Day: Online sales are growing and the average ticket price is over ,000

Tiendanube recorded a file The total trading volume is more than 5000 million dollarsCreated by More than 470,000 transactions made with Average ticket price is $12,300.

The October 5th was the day with the highest number of salesmore than 37,000 deals which represents a 18% more than Wednesday in September.

As for the payment methodsThe 65% Purchases that have been paid for Credit cardOf which 70% paid in one go15% in three installments, 12% in six installments and 3% in other payment plans.

in the last 15 days, The category with the most purchases was clothing The top 5 products sold were shoes, dresses, suits, underwear and sunglasses.

“Argentine consumers turn to e-commerce to settle their gifts and achieve peak sales exceeding those recorded in previous weeks by about 20%,” he said. Franco RadveroCountry Director of Tiendanube in Argentina.

He considered, โ€œEvents like this one or the upcoming CyberMonday, which will take place at the end of the month, are great dates Promote e-commerce and standardize online sales system As a valuable space, both for the general public, as well as for small and medium businesses, startups and big brands that see their businesses grow through digitization.โ€

Meanwhile, the report Accounting Show the amount of online sales turnover in the week before Mother’s Day By 106.6% compared to 2021.

accounting system Online billing and management Used by more than 5,000 small and medium businesses, and conducted a survey of sales during the days prior to Mother’s Day where it was recorded that Average ticket sales online grew 82.2% over last year. The The average online sales spend for this celebration in 2022 was $10,231.6.

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Linder HalfonContabilium, CEO of Contabilium, noted that “among the categories most requested to give up on Mother’s Day, the following stand out: Electronics, technology, clothing, shoes and accessories. The most sought after products were: mobile phones, tablets, headphones, sneakers, T-shirts, and earrings.โ€

regarding Number of invoices issued As for online transactions in the week prior to the celebration of Mother’s Day, the Contabilium report indicates that in 2022 there were 13.4% growth For the same period in 2021.

on the other side, free market She revealed that in the week before Mother’s Day, a variety of articles led the portal’s sales, among which are what stood out Cell phones, sneakers, headphones, books, serum, mascara.

On this platform, category Books showed a growth of 86% In bills for Mother’s Day 2021.

Salvador Calogero, state manager Street +a company that visualizes and produces markets, noted that “the year 2022 shows us some changes in direction compared to 2021.”

He stated that, “Although the products Personal care keep preponderance Regarding the best-selling category, other categories are starting to appear, such as Small appliances and small electronics With a greater preponderance in total sales for this particular date.”

โ€œThis change in direction led to a Average ticket increase by 125% in 2022‘, is detailed.

In this context, the company BTRE Consulting He pointed out that last year A 400% increase in attacks was recorded, and a 70% increase in actual offenses committed Made on the occasion of online purchases.

Martin MalevakResearch and development manager a nap, to a series of precautions that consumers should take into account to buy online safely and avoid scams. And they suggested Do not purchase while connected to public Wi-Fi; Confirm whether the page Where do we buy? It is safe and does not enter personal data on unknown sites; Do not send personal data through alternative channels And read the terms and conditions.

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โ€œPages that use personal data to conduct business transactions are obligated to ask for consent and to inform the purpose for which this data will be used. Checking this information in the terms and conditions is a good way to find out if we are on a secure page,โ€ he concluded. Malivak.

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