Mercado Pago expands and begins offering personal insurance

Mercado Pago expands and begins offering personal insurance

The company’s goal is to reach people who have historically not had access to this type of service, by developing an insurance portfolio – a mix of insurance and the fintech industry – that adds to its offering of financial services that allow its users to find everything they need in their digital account.

“The insurance product development integrates our financial inclusion value proposition along with our savings, pay and credit product,” he explained. Carlos Sernadas boss insurtech Payment market.

After launching cellphone theft and damage insurance this year, Cernadas said it has met customer demands and moved forward with new products. โ€œWe identified your concerns about protecting your family in the event of unforeseen situations, and today we are launching life and personal accident insurance with Prudential Seguros and Klimberโ€he added.

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The new service can be completely managed through the platform, from contracting to managing evil, It aims to attract entrepreneurs and freelancers who need health insurance personal accidents With coverage against disability, injury and hospitalization income, allowing continuity of income in the event of unforeseen events beyond the economic activity itself.

In the case of life insurance, the company will provide coverage in case the death, Funeral expenses – which can be extended to spouses and children – as well as the possibility to include income for each day of hospital stay in the event of an accident and critical illness coverage.

Life insurance rates range from $110 to $1,100 and from $120 to $1,200 if the product is related to personal accident.

On his part, the President and CEO of precautionary insurance, Mauricio Zanata emphasized that “the collaboration with Mercado Pago will allow thousands of users to access a quieter life in an agile and simple way, with Klimber’s contribution to ensuring a completely premium digital service. We are convinced that this new channel will contribute to creating value for the company.”

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โ€œWe are entering a segment that has hitherto not been accessed by anyone, which is the base of the pyramid. Creating accessible personal insurance that acts as a tool for financial protection is an unprecedented innovation in the life insurance market and insurance in general,โ€ added Julian Bersano, CEO and Founder of Klimber.

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