Manuel Mantilla, CEO of Mercedes Benz Argentina: “What the dollars will bring to the country is to boost exports”

Manuel Mantilla, CEO of Mercedes Benz Argentina: “What the dollars will bring to the country is to boost exports”

In his hand, he clarified what the auto sector and the state in general consider to be in need of improving the economic situation.

Journalist: What do you think of the seminar topic “Make room for growth”?

Manuel Mantella: Giving up doesn’t mean losing, it’s probably setting priorities. And as a society, the private sector and the public sector understand the growth path of Argentina, which for me is one of the keys to export, where the automotive industry plays an important role. In particular, our factory exports 70-80% of our production to the United States and Latin America. We know this path, but we need to take certain macroeconomic and regulatory measures in order to boost this export, which ultimately brings dollars into the country.

Q: What are the procedures required?

millimeter: Tax measures, basically.

Q: A victim?

millimeter: Different standards, different application. No taxes on exported production, for example. Be competitive with respect to other countries with factories. Our competition may not be another brand, but another Mercedez Benz factory in another country. If other countries provide better conditions for the factories that produce and export them, we are at a disadvantage from a regulatory point of view. The competitiveness of the factory indoors is our responsibility, but outdoors it is a shared responsibility of the private and public sectors. We must create the conditions that put Argentina on the map from a competitive point of view.

Q: How do you evaluate the latest changes to the different exchange rates and the import system?

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millimeter: It’s a very complex transition. But we have a good dialogue with the government and solve the problems as they appear.

Q: Is a price and salary agreement against inflation necessary?

millimeter: The question of prices and wages is to some extent a chicken-and-egg story. But I think lowering inflation is a process that will take a long time.

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