Kavak is expanding around the world: it will reach the Middle East with the help of an Argentine

Kavak is expanding around the world: it will reach the Middle East with the help of an Argentine

in contact with Domain, The young businessman I realized that Argentina was the best school to learn, for them daily difficulties and the Weaknesses in market rules. โ€œLocal adversities have shaped us as resilient entrepreneurs, who can find opportunities where others see risks. Today, in the midst of global uncertainty, We expanded and hired more people. We do it for being cash, but without worriess Think long term. we The only company expanding in the Middle East paid by Argentine teamDe la Rua emphasized.

Journalist: What would it be like when the world fell into a recession? Have you imagined the strong growth of the company?

Juan Cruz de la Rua: Where Our Argentine vision, with checkars Years ago we were thinking about a file Regional expansion. But Carlos Garcia CEO of kafakThey bet more and shoot me The Middle East As the next market to reach. today We operate in 10 countries and 25 cities and have more than 80 points of sale. With so much learning, we never stopped to think about it, We saw the opportunities and we went to take advantage of them. We have approached the current context The right people and the right talent that facilitated drop in Turkey, Brazil and the Middle East. Through its merger with the company Karzati of Omani origin, Kavak will establish its business model in the UAE and Oman. At the same time Muscat, capital Sultanate of Oman, The company is building The largest auto renewal center in the region, With the ability to process over 1500 vehicles per month. secondly, In Saudi Arabia, Kavak will land with an organic scheme in which it will hire more than 500 employees and establish two operation centers in RiyadhIt is the capital of Saudi Arabia and the largest city in the Arabian Peninsula. There you will install the auto workshop with the largest logistics capacity in the country.

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Q: Will the business model change?

JCR: in Kingdom Saudi Arabia It will be similar to that applied in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina. For its part, in Dubai We will develop an approach that increases the excitement user experience. Those who choose the company expect safe security Mechanisms with high levels of transparency in operations. The Expectations for the UAE are tied to higher level customers spit It motivates us to increase quality standards, reduce process delays, and deepen digitization.

Q: What challenges do we face in communicating with different cultures?

JCR: An intriguing fact is that out of 100 people on the team Dubai, 20 nationalities coexist and there is no one of the same origin in the administration. We have a great multicultural team who – which It allows us to combine Kavak’s operational knowledge with local knowledge of the culture. Interpersonal relationships in this area are more hierarchical, communication is completely different and there is still a clear difference between how to talk to a man or a woman. For example in Kingdom Saudi Arabia It has only been two years since women were allowed to drive. This also opens up a new market segment for us. have new challenges For a level of transaction expanding above 10% per year in that country, or with a wildly growing population as in Dubai, That there were 100,000 people 20 years ago and now there are 3 million.

Q: What will be Kafak’s focus in the near future?

JCR: Emerging markets are our focus. however, Our current goal is to focus everywhere we launch the brand for efficiency, scalability and sustainability. Today we feel it is time for us to take 18 months to develop ourselves to the fullest in all these acquisitions, to Then we continue to position ourselves in the largest number of emerging countries.

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