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Junkin’ Market Days draws big crowds in its second year

Junkin’ Market Days draws big crowds in its second year

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – With inflation still having a big impact on everyday prices, it’s the perfect excuse for many to look local when it comes to gift shopping this season. Not just to save a few dollars, but to put that money back into local communities.

From honey to jewelry and everything in between. It’s only its second year, but Junkin’ Market Days is already drawing crowds and connecting small businesses with new customers.

โ€œMany of these makers, these small business owners, are doing this full time. Some are doing it on the side, but for many people here this is a full-time job.’ Junkin’ Market owner Kerry Bamsey said.

What’s more, it brings together vendors and visitors from all over the state and surrounding areas. Across Interstate 29 in Brookings and across the Missouri River in Winner.

“I started this business as a way to relieve stress. I started making jewelry on my kitchen table. I put it in a local store in Brookings,” said Mandy Newman, owner of Mandy Ellen Designs.

“We have a lot of different vendors here in Sioux Falls, we even have our product in stores. So it’s nice to come up here and meet people and make those connections that maybe we wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Rheanna Pederson, Dakota Honey from Winner. Traveling with Company.

At a time when people are counting their money more closely than ever before, these small businesses say dollars go further when they return to local communities.

โ€œWhen you support a small business, you’re not just supporting that business. You are supporting someone else’s dream. For me, it was my dream to create this business.’ said Newman.

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“Instead of sending our honey to a big corporation that would mix it with other honeys, we wanted to start owning it and selling it. That way, it’s local, and it’s right here, and it’s at a good price,” Pederson said.

Bamsey said many people who attended on the first day are already putting away their holiday shopping, making it a good time to shop local and get your gifts out right away.

โ€œThey can tell you about their product. They can tell you how they made the product. They appreciate your help, and then you’re not shopping at big box retailers and waiting for delivery.’ said Bamsey.

Junkin’ Market Days will be held at the Expo building of the WH Lyon fairground for one more day on Saturday. The doors will open at 9:00 am, and the event will last until 4:00 pm

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