Jujuy seeks to enter the carbon bond market

Jujuy seeks to enter the carbon bond market

native forest

Both parties agreed “Combining efforts to achieve the final implementation, development, validation and verification of a complex project with a defined methodology of Verra, which will be located in Jujuy County in order to implement actions aimed at managing the conservation and restoration of Jujuy forest ecosystems.”

It is indicated that “Forest Act recipients, ie those who own lands with forested areas with a certain level of conservation, can submit projects to qualify in the carbon bond market that will be developed by Allcot and allow them access to it. For international funding to improve forest management in order to adapt to changing climate and reduce exposure to wildfires.

In this way, “the increase in carbon storage will be promoted and the emissions and commercialization of the verified carbon units will be achieved,” according to the provincial government’s statement.

Finally, identify Allcot as a Project Developer globally recognized for its results, knowledge, experience and management of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to effectively combat the climate crisis under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and align with Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Bet on lithium

The days of the Jujuy ruler, Gerardo Moralesstressed that lithium “is the central axis” of the province’s economic growth He stressed that until the end of the year, “80,000 tons” of this mineral will be produced.

The president also notedMore than 40 companies are about to start exploring our salt flatsand stressed thatThis will allow us to position ourselves as the first province to export lithium in the country“.

Under 15. The edition of ExpoJuy, which was inaugurated in the cultural city of Jujuy, highlighted that its province with Salta and Catamarca will be “Export 10,000 million dollars of lithium in the next four years”, comparing this to “three times what Argentina exports of metals”“.

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He also indicated that the governorate owns 5% of lithium for value-added projects, and indicated that, “starting next year, we can provide 4,000 tons to install an important factory for lithium batteries in the governorate.”

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