Elon Musk smells of success in a new opportunity

Elon Musk smells of success in a new opportunity

Elon Musk is a very busy man.

Techno King already operates four companies that lead or are among the leaders in their sectors. Tesla (TSLA) It is No. 1 in electric vehicles and in the development of self-driving cars. The Austin group is also developing Optimus, a human-like robot to replace labour.

SpaceX aims to conquer space, especially Mars, with Musk promising that humans will be able to live in the next few years.

Neuralink, a company launched by Musk in 2016, designs and installs brain-machine interfaces. Technology aims to strengthen our cognitive abilities by enabling us to interact directly with our brains. The billionaire promised updates about Neuralink this Halloween.

Boring Co. It is an infrastructure services company. It digs tunnels in Las Vegas in particular to ease traffic jams.

He is in the process of acquiring the microblogging network Twitter (TWTR) .

Musk also finds time to play a role in global geopolitics. For example, he proposed a plan to end Russia’s escalating war on Ukraine. (He was less successful here: He suggested that Ukraine cede Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, to Moscow. People accused him of being a servant of Russian President Vladimir Putin.)

And Musk now smells of success in another field entirely.

Musk sells perfumes

If all that wasn’t enough to overload his schedule, Musk is now embarking on a new job. He launched the Via Boring Co. Perfume / Eau de Cologne.

The fragrance is called burnt hair, and the fragrance is presented as “the essence of hateful desire.” The fragrance, in a red bottle, “everything”, and it’s not cheap: it costs $100.

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Consumers can purchase it online only on the Boring Co. website. This price includes taxes and local shipping. International customers pay extra.

Besides credit cards and the usual digital payment options, people can buy perfume with dogecoin, a cryptocurrency in which Musk is a major influencer.

Just hours after its launch, Musk said more than 10,000 units had been sold, generating $1 million in revenue.

“Selling 10,000 bottles of burnt hair!” The billionaire said on October 11, then he stole the media as usual. “I can’t wait for the media stories tomorrow about the sale of a million dollars in burnt hair”

To celebrate the occasion, the billionaire became an ambassador for the fragrance as he does for all his other adventures. He started changing his Twitter bio and now introduces himself as “The Perfume Seller”.

“In a name like mine, getting into the perfume industry was inevitable – why did you fight this for so long!?” Billionaire Posted on October 11th.

In another post he said that burnt hair is “the most beautiful perfume on earth!”

influencer book

This fragrance continues the billionaire’s efforts as an influencer, which means celebrity monetization.

Musk has nearly 109 million followers on Twitter, making him the fourth most followed person on the platform after former President Barack Obama and pop stars Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

Musk does not spend a penny advertising its products and services. He knows his tweets are enough to get people talking about him and his companies. It uses this effect.

The billionaire first came up with the idea for the fragrance last month. This came out as some kind of inside joke.

“Burned hair – a scent for men from Singed,” the billionaire said on September 27. “Coming soon from BoringCompany, the same people who sold you a flamethrower.”

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He added, “Stand out in the crowd! Watch out as you walk into the airport!”

Musk does not say if he will release other beauty products. In any case, it is entering a sector in a specific growth mode.

The global fragrance market is expected to grow 41% to $43.2 billion in 2028 from $30.6 billion in 2021, according to a study from Fortune Business Insights.

“Perfumes in general consist of different scents and oils to give off a pleasant scent,” the study said.

“The growing demand for beauty products worldwide is accelerating the cosmetic industry. This in turn is expected to drive market growth.”


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