Brazil: Apple must pay $20 million to sell iPhone without chargers

Brazil: Apple must pay  million to sell iPhone without chargers

Judge Caramoro Afonso Francisco, of the 18th Civil Court in São Paulo, sentenced Apple for a “abusive practice” Take into account when selling models 12 and 13 without a charger Conditions for acquiring a product so that another product can work.

The decision, which Apple may appeal, follows a fine of He requested $2.5 million in September By the Consumer Protection Service of the Department of Justice, which banned the US company from selling these models without chargers.



Apple stopped including a wall socket charger in October 2020, when it launched the iPhone 12, citing its “commitment to the environment.”

The court ordered the California company to hand over chargers to consumers who purchased Iphone 12 and 13 In the past two years, and from now on, a charger is included in the sale of all its models.

In addition, it decided to pay the company 100 million reais (about $20 million) for “social damages”, the amount requested by the plaintiff in the case, the Brazilian Consumers Association (ABMCC).

Brazil is not the only place that causes problems for Apple because of its chargers.

The European Parliament last week approved a law that mandates a single charger, with a USB-C port, for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices from the end of 2024, a measure that will force Apple to adjust its models.

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