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Zuckerberg’s Little League card auction on his land

Zuckerberg’s Little League card auction on his land

Are you a baseball card collector and can’t afford to pay $12 million for a Mickey Mantle card or $7 million for a Honus Wagner card?

How about $105,000 for a Mark Zuckerberg Little League Card, complete with Meta Platforms (dead) CEO signature?

That’s how much the card was auctioned for on Wednesday, MarketWatch reported. With a 15% buyer’s premium, the sale totaled $120,750.

The back of the card indicates that it dates back to 1992, when Zuckerberg was 8 years old, and his team name was Red Robins.

His hometown is listed as Dobbs Ferry, New York, and his experience with playing is one year – presumably indicative of his experience in the minor league.

Zuckerberg’s height is recorded at 3’11’ and his weight is 48 lbs. Apparently, it has not yet been built like Willie Mays.

Average star hits

According to the card, Zuckerberg ran one home. But he fought 0.920 from another world, with 23 hits. Perhaps in the metaverse that would make him more than double batsman Ted Williams. Supposedly the guys weren’t wearing T-shirts.

The position of the future tech giant was listed as land, and his team scored 8-0. Hit and throw with the right hand.

Zuckerberg called the New York Yankees his favorite team. But his favorite player was star bowler Roger Clemens, who then played for the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees’ arch rival.

When he was still a kid, Zuckerberg gave the card to Ali Tarantino, a counselor at his day camp in White Plains, New York, according to MarketWatch.

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Tarantino told the news service that Tarantino asked Zuckerberg to sign the card to make him feel like a star. He is now a fifth grade teacher and still works at the camp.

It’s time to sell

Tarantino stuck to the souvenir, and with the value of the card market exploding over the past two years, he thought this was the time to sell.

Zuckerberg seems to agree. He promoted the card and a non-fungible token generated from it on his Instagram page. NFT sold for 11 ETH ($14,700) in another auction on Wednesday.

With the soaring market for collectibles, opportunities may multiply to offload all kinds of celebrity memorabilia for big bucks.

The tweet of Jack Dorsey, co-founder of NFT on Twitter, sold for $2.9 million last year. In April of this year, the buyer held an auction to sell NFT. But it is unclear if anyone offered more than $14,000 or if the owner sold it.


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