Zelensky sits with Forbes

Zelensky sits with Forbes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sits with Randall Lane, chief content officer of ForbesThursday afternoon at the 2022 Forbes Philanthropy Summit, which addressed his country’s seven-month war with Russia and his hopes for the future. Watch below:

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Zelensky spoke with Forbes After the Ukrainian army defeated Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine earlier this month, as part of a successful counteroffensive that forced Russia to cede territories it occupied in the early days of the war. Struggling to advance in Ukraine after some initial victories during the early months of the invasion, Russia faces sanctions and pressure from the international community. But Russia still occupies swathes of eastern and southern Ukraine, and President Vladimir Putin has shown no interest in ending his war: On Wednesday, he instituted a military draft for reservists, issuing a veiled threat to use nuclear weapons if he felt Russia was threatened.

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