You are not cleaning the dryer enough

You are not cleaning the dryer enough

Did you know there’s a way to revitalize an old clothes dryer for less than the price of one shirt you’re cleaning it with?

A clean lint trap is the key to drying with maximum efficiency. If the lint trap is clogged, your clothes will still be damp, and you’ll run the risk of a fire. According to the US Fire Department, 2,900 home dryer fires are reported each year. Failure to clean the dryer is the main cause of fires.

This genius product can help fix dryer hazards. It can clean dryers, coils behind the refrigerator and other hard-to-reach places with dust. Another bonus: It’s cheap, and you can get it now for about half the price.

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Deep cleaning of similar new devices

The Holikme Vent Cleaner is a long, flexible brush that reaches into the invisible parts of your dryer and pulls out the lint you didn’t know existed. The 29″ stem is made of stainless steel and the handle is made of real wood.

One five-star reviewer said this brush changed the way their dryer works and is even useful around the house. They chanted:

“I had no idea there was a lot of lint stuck in the dryer vent. I was able to deep clean and this brush will help me stay on top of it. I’ve also used it under my fridge and embarrassingly admit there are a lot of dust bunnies underneath. The brush will bend in any way required and let me Getting into tight spaces very easily.”

This cleaning brush is an Amazon’s Choice, and now you can get two packs at 40% off. This means you can keep one for dusting and one specifically for your dryer, and both cost less than $5. Be sure to take advantage of this deal quickly and save time and money drying and re-drying your clothes.

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