Working from home is actually cheaper for you

Working from home is actually cheaper for you

Those who work from home may think you’ll get the short end of the stick because of all the home office expenses you face.

But you actually have it financially better than those who have gone back to their traditional workplace, according to a study by Owl Labs, a meeting technology company.

Its survey of more than 2,300 full-time employees showed that 28% believe they should be paid more for working remotely. But the report said workers spend twice as much on office work ($863 a month) than they do remote work ($432 a month).

The highest costs for office workers are transportation ($15.11/day), lunch ($14.25/day), and breakfast/coffee ($8.46/day). Those who need pet care, such as walking dogs, pay $16.39 per day.

While 28% of workers think they should get paid more for remote toil, only 14% of workers think they should get paid more for office work. And 57% believe they should be paid the same regardless of where they work.

free lunch

However, “companies that want to bring workers back to their desks this fall may try to provide a stipend, free lunch, and pre-tax travel benefits to help offset the costs,” the report states. Employers may also consider allowing pets in the office to reduce pet care costs.

According to the study, workers see benefits for both working at home and in the office. Among the employees surveyed, 57% said that working independently in a remote location is more productive, while only 30% would prefer doing solo work in the office.

As for creativity, 51% of workers think more creatively when they’re away, compared to 30% who prefer creative thinking in the office.

A total of 49% of workers focus better in a remote location, while 39% find it easier to focus in the office. A total of 49% can also meet deadlines better remotely, compared to 31% who do a better job in the office.

Collaboration in the office

However, it is a different story for collaborative work. 48% of workers collaborate more productively in the office, compared to 24% who see remote collaboration as better.

A total of 60% of workers like to meet new people in the office, while 17% prefer remote communication. A total of 51% of workers believe team meetings are more productive in the office, while 25% say remote meetings are better.

When it comes to brainstorming and innovation, 39% of workers say they are more productive in the office, while 37% prefer working remotely. But looking at learning, 43% of workers learn better when they are remote, while 39% prefer learning in the office.

So perhaps splitting the time between the home office and the office away from home makes sense.

โ€œWhen it comes to work environments, there is no one-size-fits-all option that satisfies all employees,โ€ said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs. This is why “mixed business is the future, and this may look very different from one company to another.”


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