Wordle Today #463 Hints, Guides & Answer for Sunday 25th September

Wordle Today #463 Hints, Guides & Answer for Sunday 25th September

Wait, what exactly happened to Saturday? Sometimes I honestly don’t know where the time goes. I remember making coffee, getting some writing done, cleaning up, yelling at the dogs, cleaning up, walking, grocery shopping, and making dinner. . . But everything is blurry! I’ve done a lot of things and feel like I didn’t actually do anything. What gives?

Also, when did life turn into this? I remember when the days felt long. When I was a kid, the days spanned over long periods of time. Perhaps this is partly the temporal friction that boredom creates, or if not boredom it is laziness. They say idle hands are the devil’s game, but I disagree. That ability to Not Doing anything, to make time go on and slow down, is one of the gifts of childhood and something that most of us forget over time.

We always do something. So far, we’re doing Wordle. Talking about this topic. . . .

Wordle today

Warning: It’s a suite! Hey!

Hint: Good thing to do with one’s mistakes.

Hint: This word begins with a vowel.

the answer:

Yes, this is one of those rare mic drop moments. I haven’t had a two-part word for a very long time and today I got very lucky. My dad was talking about how to use it Angry As his opening speech and I thought I might try it and then I thought, No, I’m going to start with the letter “I” but I’ll come up with a different word. idols It popped into my head and I went with it.

At the time, I didn’t realize he had reduced possible solutions to mere five. This might be my best guess ever, in fact. With a “D” in the second dot, I thought it should open with a vowel. I knew it couldn’t be an ‘I’ or an ‘O’ so I went with an ‘A’. There was an “E” that would have worked –decree-But luckily for me, I thought of admit First – to win!

Hu – friggin – zzah!

Happy Sunday, dearest words. Be brutally lazy.

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