Why is it such a big deal that Prince Harry wore his uniform to the Queen’s Celebration Pause

Why is it such a big deal that Prince Harry wore his uniform to the Queen’s Celebration Pause

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Prince Harry wore his military uniform at a vigil on Saturday for his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth – his first appearance in military uniform in more than two years, and a possible sign the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could mend their relationship with the royal family – after it was earlier announced he would no longer wear traditional dress. .

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Prince Harry’s father, King Charles III, has given the Duke of Sussex special permission to wear a military uniform at the vigil at Westminster Hall where the Queen resides in state (People The magazine stated that it was “at the request of the King”).

Prince Harry has been wearing civilian clothes during public outings since the Queen’s death last week, after Buckingham Palace announced a dress code this week that reserved military uniforms for members of the royal family only, with a spokesperson saying. Town and Country Earlier in the week, Harry was wearing his morning suit for processions, despite his service in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle came under intense scrutiny this week, with reports of her being ignored by members of the royal family who appeared to refuse to shake her hand, and social media posts accusing her of wearing a microphone. While she was receiving mourners at Windsor Castle.

CNN reports that Harry is not expected to wear a military uniform at any other ceremony this week, including the Queen’s funeral on Monday.

Buckingham Palace officials told Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew – who was stripped of his royal titles after allegations of sexual abuse – that he had also been given permission to wear a military uniform at a Friday night vigil as a sign of respect for the Queen.

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, Harry is now fifth in line to the throne, behind his brother Prince William and his three children.

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It comes more than two years after Harry and Markle announced their plans to “step back as senior members” of the royal family through an Instagram post in January 2020, saying they would split their time between the UK and US, and become financially independent. Buckingham Palace officials rescinded Harry’s titles in February 2021, while allowing Harry and Markle to remain Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying “in stepping away from the work of the royal family, the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service cannot continue.” Harry had served two tours in Afghanistan as a forward air controller and pilot in the RAF between 2007-2008 and 2012-2013. He’s been living outside of Santa Barbara, California, with Markle for the past two years, making occasional appearances with the royal family, but has made more headlines for their joint ventures outside the monarchy.

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King Charles also granted special permission to Prince Andrew – who was stripped of his titles and “His Royal Highness” status after facing allegations of sexual assault in January.

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