Nintendo stock (OTCMKTS: NTDOY ) rose 5.8% for the week while falling 1.6% for the month, significantly outperforming the broader indexes, with the S&P500 up 0.6% for the week but down 8.0 for the month. 0%. For Nintendo’s recent rise can be attributed to its September 2022 event in which it announced that it will release another Zelda game on May 12, 2023 – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom. event, considering that it is one of the most anticipated games after the massive success of the previous game – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. For perspective, Breath of The Wild is the fourth best-selling game for the Nintendo Switch console, with over 27 million copies sold since its launch in 2017. Breath of The Wild was also awarded Game of the Year 2017. Half a decade has passed since , when players were waiting for a Zelda sequel.

Now, the company’s handheld console – the Switch – has also seen massive success, with 111 million units sold since its launch in 2017. The company is expected to launch a newer version of the Switch, but the timing is unknown. It certainly makes sense to introduce him with his most anticipated title next year. In addition to the Zelda sequel, Nintendo has announced several other titles, including Resident Evil Village, Just Dance 2023, and Fae Farm, that will launch in the coming months. [1]

Now that NTDOY stock is down 2% for the month, will it continue its downward trajectory or is an upside imminent? As for historical performances, yes higher chances of growth in Nintendo stock within the next month. Movements of -2% or more per month in NTDOY have occurred 843 times over the past ten years. Of those instances, 454 resulted in NTDOY shares rising over the following one month (twenty one trading days). This historical pattern reflects a 454 out of 843 or 54% probability of NTDOY shares rising over the next month. Check out our analysis Nintendo Stock Chances to rise More details.

Calculating “event probability” and “upside chance” using data from the past ten years

  • After a stock moved 5.8% or more in a five-day period, it rose 47% of the time in the following five days.
  • After moving 2.5% or more over a ten-day period, stocks rose 54% of the time over the next ten days
  • After a stock has moved -1.6% or more in a 21-day period, it has risen in the following 21 days 54% of the time.
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This pattern suggests a higher chance of a decline in NTDOY stock over the next five days, but a higher chance of an increase over the next ten days and the next month.

While Nintendo shares look like they may see higher levels, the Covid-19 crisis has created many price discontinuities that can offer attractive trading opportunities. For example, you’ll be surprised how counterintuitive stock valuation is Take-Two Interactive vs. Avago Technologies


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