What price can Tamadoge (TAMA) reach following listing on the OKX platform? Price predictions

What price can Tamadoge (TAMA) reach following listing on the OKX platform?  Price predictions

Tamadoge has just had its first listing after its successful ICO. The project chose the OKX exchange to list, thereby allowing investors to claim their tokens. This listing is also an opportunity to see what Tamadoge is really capable of.

Recall that the project flew over its pre-sale during the bear market, closing it in record time. After this important step, it is necessary to wonder about the evolution of its price by looking at the forecasts.

Tamadoge’s first listing is on OKX

The sensation in the crypto market in recent months is undoubtedly Tamadoge. The crypto project attracted the interest of many investors during its ICO. After this step, the development team has just surprised everyone again by choosing the OKX exchange for the first listing instead of Binance, or Kucoin.

It was Friday, September 23 that the community discovered the choice made by the team behind the project through a publication on Twitter. As of 1 p.m. (French time), TAMA tokens are now available both on the exchange and on the DEX of OKX. This platform was certainly chosen because it is a so-called Tier 1 (foreground) exchange.

This means that the team behind the project hopes to boost the price of the token by relying on the exchange’s concentration of trading volumes. At the moment, no one knows when the token will be listed on Uniswap which is a very high liquidity DEX.

On the sidelines of this news, TAMA holders who took part in the presale can now claim their tokens on the official Tamadoge website since September 27 at 9 a.m. (France). The TAMA token succeeded in its ICO in an unfavorable environment with a general downward market. Now it is worth knowing if he will succeed after this stage of the listing.

What forecast for the price of TAMA?

Tamadoge is listed with a circulating supply equivalent to 50% of its total supply, or 1 billion available tokens. Its initial market capitalization is $30 million with a cash price of $0.03.

In the best evolution prospects, the TAMA could gain a value x10 by next year. Its market capitalization will also have increased considerably. Other analysts believe that Tamadoge is capable of gaining x83.3 with a price of $2.50 when its market capitalization reaches that of the crypto project STEPN (GMT) The optimism around this crypto is based on the fact that it is a coin meme with several uses unlike Dogecoin for example.

It is a deflationary token that embeds a burn in every transaction made on the Tamadoge store. The fact that part of the transaction fee is burned creates scarcity, which helps boost the value of the token. Its deflationary tokenomics will therefore be an asset for the evolution of its price over the long term.

As a Play-to-Earn game, Tamadoge does not claim to pay an expensive fee to access it. This is a feature that will appeal to lovers of blockchain games. It should also be added that the team behind the project is known, which helps to reassure investors about the reliability of the project.

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