Wendy’s Menu brings back a popular side dish

Wendy’s Menu brings back a popular side dish

Wendy’s was ready to change up their traditional fast food burger menu.

The chain, which built its business on “fresh and never frozen” square hamburgers, didn’t stick to the classic burger and fries menu that Burger King (Brands International) rivals. (QSR) department) and McDonald’s have largely limited themselves.

Burger King offers onion rings and mozzarella sticks, while McDonald’s offers (MCD) The side dish list rarely offers anything more than the famous French fries.

The chain has experimented with Shaker Fries, a version of a side dish in which customers shake seasonings in a bag. However, this innovation hasn’t really caught on in the United States and has mostly appeared on menus elsewhere.

Wendy’s has been more open to trying new ideas for side dishes. They have long featured a variety of baked potatoes on their menu in addition to their popular chili, which can be ordered on their own or as a potato topping.

These may not be the chain’s most popular innovations, and Wendy’s was the only major fast food burger chain to offer different types of fries.

The Baconator Fries series has proven incredibly popular, and now Wendy’s has a new way of fries that customers are likely to love.

Wendy’s brings back a wishlist

Wendy’s recently brought back their Pretzel Pub burger. The chain was heavily advertising that sandwich in commercials featuring former NFL player Reggie Bush. The ads make jokes that his Heisman Cup has been withdrawn.

The series has not announced a return to the roster that aligns with the return of the Pretzel Pub. Wendy’s has brought back the French fries from the Pretzel Pub.

“Wendy’s Pub Fries consists of naturally salted French fries topped with a warm beer cheese sauce (the same used for Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger), shredded cheddar cheese, and chunks of smoked bacon. Topped with a warm beer cheese sauce instead of a creamy cheese sauce,” he says. I mentioned Brand Eating.

Pretzel Pub Fries joins the Baconator Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, and Cheese Fries on Wendy’s list. McDonald’s and Burger King only serve traditional fries.

Smart Menu Add-ons

All fast food chains must balance adding new menu items while keeping their menus simple. Wendy’s Along With Yum Brands’ (yes) Taco Bell, did a very good job of a little addition that goes a long way.

Instead of just serving a Pretzel Pub Burger, Wendy’s cleverly used cheese sauce to create Pub Fries. This adds options for consumers without adding a lot of complexity to the kitchen. Like Taco Bell, Wendy’s takes advantage of a single new ingredient to create multiple menu options for customers.

“[Our] The US marketing calendar sets us up to continue delivering solid results in the back half of the year, with the coveted innovation only Wendy’s can deliver, and the return of an old favorite in our ownable and value-added platforms,โ€ CEO Todd Benegor said during a second-quarter earnings call. from the series.

Penegor is confident that a combination of new product launches and value propositions will drive sales over the remainder of the fiscal year.

โ€œIn the spirit of Consumer State, value will continue to matter, but we are really well positioned with a strong and posable value list,โ€ he said.

โ€œThe work weโ€™ve done on the $5 Biggie Bag, the swap we see from four for $4, isnโ€™t seeing a diminution on our list per se. So we really see our premium and the value is hanging out nicely there.โ€


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