Weekend box office: ‘Barbarian’ crosses  million as Brahmāstra . sinks

Weekend box office: ‘Barbarian’ crosses $20 million as Brahmāstra . sinks

In the news hanging at the box office this weekend, barbaric It held up extraordinarily well for a horror movie, bringing in $6.3 million in its second weekend for a drop of just 40%. This gives 20th Century studios under $5 million $20.915 million. The natural descent rate would give the original, loud and uncommon (in a fun way) original Zack Krieger, mill horror, a $35 million domestic finish, on par with boy In 2016. You could skip that, but Don’t worry baby, smile And the The end of Halloween (Besides very relatively modern, terrifying 2There will be a special horror competition coming up over the next month, so let’s not get too excited. However, this is a huge win for spoiler-free marketing and another example of how CinemaScore can be a bit weird when it comes to horror movies, and it’s a good thing if everyone understands it.

Sony Express train He earned another $2.5 million (-24%) in its seventh weekend for $96.38 million new domestically. Old school bartender credit “last big event of summer” or double-billed credit woman king In the driving theaters, but the R-rated Brad Pitt actor should cross $100 million by the end. This $90 million David Leitch movie has a worldwide budget of $222 million, so it will hit 2.5x even as his EST, VOD, and DVD revenue eventually approaches “break even” to “actual score.” If not, it will be the most watched movie on Netflix for a few days in several months. Paramount
Top Gun: Maverick Earning $2.1 million domestically and $4 million overseas for $709.055 million domestic and $1.463 billion global. There are no new milestones this weekend, while the Tom Cruise movie is only available in theaters and at EST (at a digital purchase price) until November 1.

Warner Bros. DC League of Super Pets He earned $2.175 million (-18%) in his eighth weekend for a new domestic $87.86 million. Over the next week, it will pass Where Cordads sings ($88.9 million by tomorrow) and black phone ($90 million so far) to break into this summer’s top ten among domestic earners. It’s not a huge hit, with the $90 million Dwayne Johnson/Kevin Hart Toon bringing in just $177 million worldwide, but the post-theatrical should put it into ultimate profitability. Sony the invitation, which is down on PVOD in the rated and unrated versions (it’s pretty good, even if you feel guilty waiting to rent out the unrated parts), earned $1.7 million (-36%) this weekend for $21.5 million over 24 days domestic total. . global lighting Minions: the rise of a puppy He earned another $1.32 million (-24%) in Weekend 12 for $364 million new domestic and $913 million worldwide.

Brahmastra: Part One – Shiva He earned just $1.1 million (-76%) in his second weekend for $6.8 million for the ten-day domestic total. This $51 million Bollywood fantasy film has grossed $30 million in India and $38 million worldwide. The Astroverse wanted to be the next MCU. We’ll see if it becomes the next dark universe. Universal Monster He earned another $820K (-54%) to $30 million domestically and $55 million, which is good enough for an Idris Elba thriller for a $36 million lion with solid PVOD/EST/DVD potential. Sony Where Cordads sings It grossed $88.9 million domestically and $127 million worldwide on a $24 million budget. Inflation aside, that would have been strong for a female-led melodrama in 2002 let alone 2022. Jordan Peele no $122 million domestically and $169 million worldwide. Jurassic World Dominion It sits with $375 million domestic and $997 million worldwide. very close…

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