Walmart is adding Paramount+ subscriptions to its membership program to further compete with Amazon

Walmart is adding Paramount+ subscriptions to its membership program to further compete with Amazon

Prime has become almost a regular part of the household thanks to the inherent Prime Video membership and of course the free shipping that came with the subscription. Now Walmart
is following suit in its membership program, not by offering its own streaming service, but instead by pairing with Paramount+.

A Paramount+ subscription is free for the Walmart+ membership program. With this move, Walmart seems to be banking on the future success of Paramount+ as it lags behind streaming giants Disney, Netflix
and Amazon.

In a recent announcement, Walmart said, โ€œThe benefit of the streaming service becomes one more way Walmart is uniquely positioned to give members more for less with Walmart+, whether in-store, at the gas station, grocery, listening to music and now while watching. their favorite movies and shows.โ€

“Walmart+ will remain $98 per year or $12.95 per month and will include a $59 value-added Paramount+ Essential Plan subscription.”

Walmart also recently revealed that its Walmart+ program has generated positive member growth every month since its inauguration in September 2020. โ€œMost recently, the retailer has integrated its home services into Walmart+ to increase efficiency for members,โ€ it said. “As members look for more ways to save money, they can now consolidate some of their subscriptions and get entertainment through membership.”

Walmart merchandise is currently shipped free to customers only if it is in stock at Walmart distribution centers. If membership continues to be more attractive, the lure for shoppers could have the same effect that Amazon FBA has had.

Smart FBA with c-suite executives Cohen Chorabik, Phillip Kramer and Scott Hunt have created one of the largest Amazon store management brands in the world. They currently manage over 250 Amazon FBA stores including some top athletes and business owners. Much of their success comes from their Horabik-led marketing approach and showcasing all the infrastructure they’ve built over the years to build sustainable relationships with their clients. They have a large warehouse space of approximately 20,000 square feet in Portland, Oregon where they package and prepare millions of dollars worth of products.

CEO Scott Hunt, who founded the company in early 2020 during the height of COVID and aims to be recognized by Amazon as the best store management team in its market, remains bullish on Amazon.

Hunt, who has worked on more than 1,000 Amazon accounts to date and previously consulted for several Amazon companies before founding Smart FBA, said: โ€œIt will definitely be a threat because Walmart is obviously a real and powerful entity, I think. however, with inflation, people are unlikely to vote for both. With tighter wallets between families, I’d imagine only one will be chosen, and I think Amazon has the stronger offering so far because it’s sturdier and has a longer tenure. Even with the addition of Paramount+.โ€ As for Smart FBA, their loyalty to Amazon is secure โ€“ at least for now.

Chief Marketing Officer Cohen Chorabik said: โ€œAmazon has created such a great opportunity for me from being able to buy my first property to traveling the world and meeting people I’ve looked up to for years. I always look forward to hearing positive news from our clients. It’s a really great feeling to know that we were able to help so many sellers who were struggling on Amazon or didn’t even know where to start.โ€

Chief Operating Officer Phillip Kramer concluded: โ€œThe opening days were very stressful. We had to build everything from scratch and create the entire inventory system from day 1. I can’t thank our team enough for all the effort that has been put in since the beginning. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the raw talent, determination and hard work we’ve been able to muster over the years. Excited for what the future holds.โ€

Similar to Amazon FBA, competition will increase at least across America, and as Paramount+ grows in terms of content and budgets, the potential for shoppers, perhaps even conversion, will increase as the Walmart package evolves.

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