Wall Street opens in the red and the Dow Jones falls 0.45%

Wall Street opens in the red and the Dow Jones falls 0.45%

New York, Sep 22 (EFE).- Wall Street opened this Thursday in the red and its main indicator, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, fell 0.45% after the new rise in interest rates announced yesterday by the Federal Reserve of United States (Fed).

Ten minutes after the session began on the New York Stock Exchange, the Dow Jones fell 98.83 points to 30,084.95; while the selective S&P 500 lost 0.45% or 17 units, to 3,772.93.

The Nasdaq market composite index, which brings together the main technology companies, fell 0.62% or 69.81 integers, to 11,150.38.

US stocks are lower after the latest Federal Reserve interest rate hike and as a host of other central banks tightened their own policies.

The Fed raised rates another 0.75 percentage point on Wednesday and signaled more hikes to come.

But, in addition, a long list of central banks made monetary policy decisions today, such as the Bank of England, which raised interest rates in the United Kingdom by 0.50 percentage points.

The Swiss National Bank also raised its key policy rate, taking it to 0.5%, becoming the latest European central bank to exit negative rates.

While the Bank of Japan kept its policy unchanged and sent the yen to the lowest level against the dollar since 1995.

By sectors, this morning, losses predominated and were led by non-essential goods companies (-0.87%) and industrial companies (-0.83%), while only those of energy (1.87%) and raw materials (0.1%).

The vast majority of the thirty Dow Jones listed companies operated in the red, among which those of Boeing (-1.27%), American Express (-1.22%) and Home Depot (-0.97%) stood out.

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On the positive side, the most significant gains were for Salesforce (1.97%) and Chevron (1.78%).

In other markets, Texas oil rose to $85.64 a barrel, the 10-year US Treasury bond yield rose to 3.642%, gold rose to $1,687 an ounce and the dollar lost ground against the euro, with a change of 0.9851.

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