Trump reportedly tried to withhold information from the Department of Justice on January 6 from the grand jury in court

Trump reportedly tried to withhold information from the Department of Justice on January 6 from the grand jury in court

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Former President Donald Trump is asking the court to allow him to protect information from the Justice Department as it investigates the January 6 attack on the Capitol and Trump’s efforts to nullify the 2020 election, CNN reports, which could have a significant impact on the amount of information. The Justice Department gets the former president in as it invites more aides to testify.

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Trump asked the court to allow him to protect some information from the grand jury set up as part of the Justice Department’s investigation, arguing that it was covered by attorney-client privilege or executive privilege, CNN reports, citing sources familiar with the legal battle.

Trump’s lawyers appeared in federal court Thursday afternoon as part of the franchise dispute, CNN reports, but under grand jury confidentiality rules, everything about the case is on file and has not been made public.

The former president’s allegations of privilege have already affected some of the people who testified in the investigation, with CNN reporting former White House counsel Pat Cipollone, Vice Counsel Patrick Philbin, former Vice President Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Mark Short and Pence’s attorney Greg Jacob. Everyone refused to answer a few questions as a result.

Other Trump aides are similarly frustrated that Trump’s privilege allegations are not specific enough and make it difficult for them to know what they can tell investigators, CNN reports.

The Justice Department and Trump’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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Whether or not Trump’s claims of privilege will work. If they fail, CNN notes, it would be a boon to the Justice Department, which can now obtain testimony about conversations with Trump from his closest aides and other well-established information that would shed light on his post-election activities. Some attempts to protect communications with Trump through separate attorney-client privilege have already failed in court, with Trump’s attorney John Eastman ordered to turn over the emails to the Jan. 6 committee in the House of Representatives. A federal judge ruled that while some of the emails were featured, others were not โ€” including due to an exception allowing disclosure of otherwise marked material because the “communication” was sufficiently related to and was “made to promote” a crime. CNN notes that it remains unclear whether Trump will be able to protect the documents under executive privilege, as there is no clear precedent for the courts as to when this is and is not allowed.

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The Department of Justice is conducting a large-scale criminal investigation on January 6 and after the 2020 election, which has already resulted in the indictments of nearly 900 participants in the Capitol riots and recently expanded to look more closely at Trump and his allies. Post-election activities. The investigation is said to be examining a “fake electorate” scheme that saw GOP officials submit fake voter lists to Congress claiming Trump’s victory in battlefield states, along with efforts by former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark to prevent Georgia from certifying President Joe Biden’s victory by false claim. The Department of Justice found evidence of fraud. Multiple reports indicate that the investigation has become increasingly focused on Trump in recent months, with eyewitnesses asked about their conversations with the former president and investigators looking into Trump’s Save America PAC project. Investigators are also reported to be stepping up their efforts to get more witnesses to testify in the investigation, with The New York Times In mid-September, the Justice Department issued 40 subpoenas within a week and confiscated the phones of Trump attorney Boris Epstein and Trump campaign strategist Mike Roman. Among the former Trump administration officials who have reportedly been called into the investigation are former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and former Trump social media director Dan Scavino, among others.

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Trump is separately trying to protect the documents from the Department of Justice as part of its investigation into the documents that were kept at Mar-A-Lago in Florida. The former president went to court to ask a third-party special master to clear documents confiscated by the Department of Justice in Mar-A-Lago that were covered by attorney, client, or executive privilege, and after the judge ruled in his favour, U.S. District Judge Raymond Derry has now begun that review, Which will conclude by November 30th. The federal appeals court has allowed the Department of Justice to hold on to classified material it seized in Mar-A-Lago and not turn it over to the special lord, however, meaning Trump can’t prevent it from being used in the agency’s investigation.

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