Trivento, the best-selling Argentine wine brand worldwide

Trivento, the best-selling Argentine wine brand worldwide

We are working to make Trivento the most valuable Argentine wine brand in the world and this achievement shows us that we are on the right track. We have set ambitious growth targets for 2025 based on recognition of the quality of our products and a highly committed team.This was stated by Marcus Joffre, CEO of Trivento.

A combination of several factors. On the other hand, the high acceptance of the wines of the winery, and in particular, the Trivento Reserve line, which offers Malbec’s best value. For this premium segment ($12), the wine offers a premium packaging, with a sleek, premium bottle—one of a kind on the market—with a logo embossed on the front and a distinctive silver band on the label. All of them culminated in high scores.

On the other hand, the increase in exports (in value) to the main markets of the Argentine wine industry stands out. This is the case in the UK, where Trivento dominates in the red category and in 2021 showed a 22% increase. In the same direction, the United States, the Netherlands and Ireland fall, while Mexico revealed a growth of +50% compared to 2020.

“The success achieved is the result of a consistent strategy over time, which aims to strengthen Trivento’s position as the benchmark for the Argentine Malbec in the world.‘, confirms Felipe Roussel, the company’s global marketing director.We will continue to work to accelerate penetration into key markets, with the goal of doubling results and reaching $500 million in sales by 2025.”concludes the executive.

Continuous development

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With the challenge of maintaining sustainable growth, which has characterized the brand in these 25 years, Trivento is making significant investments. Since its inception, it has invested 126 million USD, which has been realized in: 12 vineyards (with more than 1650 hectares cultivated), 3 wineries with a total capacity of 58 million liters and the latest technology.

Another feature that stands out for the company is innovation. “We strive to be at the forefront and that is why we are constantly exploring new proposals. A vivid example is the promotion of the White Malbec category, a different wine that has proven itself well among our customers.Russell says.

Trivento is also a company with a triple effect. During 2021, the company was certified as a B company, becoming the largest organization in the agricultural sector belonging to this community in Argentina. This is added to the initiatives Casa de los Vientos launched in 2013, including sustainability at the heart of its business model. From there, she committed to the United Nations Global Compact and reported on the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030.

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