Toyota permanently closed its factory in Russia

Toyota permanently closed its factory in Russia

The Japanese manufacturer was forced to close the plant due to serious problems with the “supply of electronic parts”. Its sales in the country fell 69% between January and August, according to the Association of European Business (AEB), the main body representing foreign investors in Russia.

Since last March, Toyota has also not exported vehicles to Russia from its other plants. Also confirmed by the company, the Russian factory, in which the investment 680 million euroswith a maximum annual capacity of 100,000 units and served the Russian market, BelarusAnd the Kazakhstan s Armenia. According to Toyota, in the statements of an Autonews spokesperson, if the plant is sold, copies of the Camry and RAV4 with other emblems will in no way be produced.

always according to the words of the speaker, Toyota Will provide resettlement plans, training and assistance in line with applicable laws in the country for these 1900 employees of cloth. In addition, the company’s figures in other 100among the 450 most famous workers in Moscow In the areas of sales, marketing and financial operations positions, which can leave their mark.

According to data from the Committee of Russian Automobile Manufacturers, Toyota sold 41,698 cars in the country through August, which is a 62% decrease compared to 2021.. Last year, the Japanese company placed RAV4 in eleventh place among the best-selling cars on the Russian market 38,441 units.

with everything, Toyota Practically outside the Russian market, and will remain so for the duration of the conflict in Ukraine. However, the Japanese manufacturer will maintain the activation of after-sales and maintenance services to cover the current drivers of the Toyota and Toyota brands. Lexus.

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