Today’s Wordle Hints, Clues, and Answer – Friday, September 16th (#454)

Today’s Wordle Hints, Clues, and Answer – Friday, September 16th (#454)

It’s baby friday! yes! The light at the end of the tunnel proverbial. The end of the week is looming.

For my part, I dread Saturday just a smidge. My daughter and I do a DriTri workout at Orange Theory, the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) gym we go to. DriTri is a “dry triathlon” that takes place in the studio. It consists of a 2,000-meter row, a series of 300 bodyweight exercises (such as squats, push-ups, and burpees) and a 5 km run on the treads.

Difficult! I’ve done it before and definitely left my ass off, and I’m in a post-pandemic state now, which means. . . unfit. COVID-19 has also done a number on my lungs, affecting the functioning of the heart. But I want to get back in shape and that’s how I’m going to do – the same way as before.

Anyway, that’s why I fear Saturday! Thank God it’s still Friday!

Well, well, let’s do this Wordle, shall we?

Wordle’s answer #454 today, Hint and Chloe

Do we still need to include spoiler warnings? I mean, at this point everyone definitely knows that in the post Literally About selecting Wordle’s answer for today, spoilers will be present. . . the correct?

Hint: This is a very strange word.

Hint: There is a repeating letter in this word.

the answer:

Ha! You’ve finally outdone the Wordle Bot! I guess I got lucky, or maybe that’s not the right way to put it. My brain simply didn’t think of the word rare when i guessed scaler While that. Which one is weird, right? rare It makes more sense! It’s a more common word! If I thought about it first, I would have guessed it.

But for whatever reason, once I came up with a word with two Rs it didn’t cross my mind to try a third word. I thought, “Okay I guess I’ll try scaler Although I don’t think that’s a real word’ and I’m quite expected to get it wrong. The thing is, I didn’t know what to put in there. I couldn’t think of anything at all and my mind never led me the way to it rarer.

I started with Originated Because one reader said it’s the go-to word for when commenting on my post about Bill Gates, Wordle Bot, and MIT and which of the three has the best starting word. It was a great start today!

My second guess was honestly pretty weird too. I was just arranging the three letters in my head and putting them in the middle and the first thing that came to my mind was open Like “the dog revealed its teeth” or “revealed its soul” and so on. Well, luckily I took 89 possible solutions into three.

I honestly thought my next guess would be the winner. Seraglio It was a great guess! (All the women in harem strip Hmm, ahem, anyway. . .).

Then I found myself stuck and holding on until I finally took a leap of faith scaler And I got the win. A very sudden win. I took rare guess and guess scaler While that! Sucks that, Wordle Bot!

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