Today’s Wordle #458 Word of the Day Hint, Guides & Answer – Tuesday 20th September

Today’s Wordle #458 Word of the Day Hint, Guides & Answer – Tuesday 20th September

Another day, another Wordle. This is the last Tuesday of summer. The season officially comes to a close on Thursday the 22nd, but it already feels like fall these days. Leaves change. The nights are cold.

Wordles are basically the same as ever, although I hope we get some spooky answers as we head into the Halloween season.

Anyway, let’s skip the introduction and go straight to the solution, shall we?

Today Wordle #458

Warning: spoilers! Spoilers ahead! Beware spoilers!

Hint: These are not two snowflakes.

Hint: There are more vowels than consonants in this word.

I almost screwed up the proverbial dog on this. Six attempts!

The madness here is that my first guess, Ouija It was good – so great! He smashed 2,309 possible solutions to just 72.

Sacred heart He took this number and subtracted 67, leaving me only 5. At this point I probably should have taken a different approach, but I wanted to see if my hunch about the word was correct, so I guessed Committed And I got three green vowels. I wasn’t sure how many possibilities there were at this point, so I guessed luster Because I wanted to know if I could dismiss more messages at once. Back in the past, I should have guessed a word that could be an answer, like graceful.

Oh, okay. It turns out I only had two options at this point and had two guesses left. I guessed Alive Which was a huge mistake and finally settled down Both in order to win. That was a close call! So close!

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