Three companies announced investments of  million in La Rioja

Three companies announced investments of $40 million in La Rioja

“These companies are growing because they are at the frontier of technology and competitiveness on a world-class level and they have highly qualified employees,” the official said. “The Synergy between public policy and private investment An artificial pole is born that doubles today Quality of employment in La Rioja Regarding the year 2019.”

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The minister stressed that “it is about stabilizing the economy, but maintaining it.” Purchasing power of salary and activity levelIt is for this reason that employers and workers are called upon to reach an agreement.”

“This plan is accompanied by the only reality that Argentina has, which is to maintain growth, which is why we work every day on the automobile law, the agribusiness law, the biotechnology law, the electric mobility law, and hemp,” he added.

For his part, Quintella stressed that “there is a government that will not stray from the path of development, growth, production and the well-being of our people.”

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Puma will invest 7 million USD

Puma made an investment of $7 million Which includes the acquisition of machinery and the expansion of its factory to double its production capacity, which will allow it to go from more than 2.7 million pairs to 3.5 million pairs in 2023 and to five million in 2025.

More than 100 jobs have been created under the promotion scheme to boost the apparel and footwear manufacturing sectors.

With the total investment, the company expects to create 500 new jobs: 100 of them this year and 400 as the works are completed.

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Ritex investment projects amounting to 20 million US dollars

They also participated in the opening of the textile factory expansion Ritex, It is located in the industrial zone of La Rioja, which is engaged in projects The total investment is more than 20 million US dollars.

The company aims to expand production by integrating textile machinery and expanding dyeing area.

Currently, it employs 1,100 people between La Rioja and Buenos Aires, and it is expected – with this investment – to consolidate 160 new jobs.

The unemployment rate fell to 6.9% in the first quarter of the year

Colortex Investments: $11 Million

Meanwhile, the investment plan of Colortex more than 11 million dollarsexpects to integrate machinery and infrastructure work and integrate 100 new jobs (the company employed 280 people in May 2020, a number that rises to 387 in August 2022).

Based on a new project, it will replace the import of flame retardant fabrics with national production, which will reduce costs and Balance savings of $12 million.

Through the development program for the advancement of sectors Manufacture of clothes and shoes in counties La Rioja and CatamarcaThe national government has already allocated more than $37 million to encourage job creation in these provinces.

As of enrolling in this scheme, companies have access to a bonus equivalent to 70% of the employer and personal contributions, an advantage of up to 80% if a female, transgender, or transgender worker is hired.

During his day in the county, De Mendiguren participated in the swearing-in of office transportation by Ismail Burdagaray; With Quintella, he met with representatives of the local industry association and businessmen from Ryogan Industries.

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