This is how people got their last choco taco

This is how people got their last choco taco

What would you do for one last choco taco? The signature dessert has been in the midst of a social media firestorm since Unilever (UNLYF) Klondike announced in July that it would stop production of the product as part of the “very hard decisions” needed to preserve the company’s profits.

The protest was quick because the frozen dessert has been around since 1983 and is part of many childhood memories – as part of a longstanding partnership with Yum! Taco Bell owned by the brands, Choco Taco has also spent many years not only inside ice cream trucks but also on the menus of the Tex-Mex food chain.

“If Choco Tacos is gone, then what?” Famous horror writer Stephen King wrote on Twitter (TWTR) . “Hershey’s dumplings? Potato chips with salt and vinegar? Baseball? American Democracy? I tell you: This is how it begins.”

The Last Supper (choco taco)

While Klondike denied theories that she was only pulling it back a few months later in a marketing campaign, she later released a statement saying that Choco Taco’s “overwhelming support” made them “reconsider.” [their] Long-term planning.”

But until the company finds out when that will be (and what Choco Taco will look like in the future), fans won’t be able to buy it โ€” earlier this summer, the company asked Twitter users what they should do with the remaining 912 tacos.

“Sorry everyone, we can’t just send the rest of the tacos home,” Klondike wrote on his Twitter account. While the Choco Taco experts are working hard on a plan to bring them back, we need big ideas for our last 912 tacos. “

Klondike chose three responses to this question and put them into practice. On September 3, 500 Choco Tacos were handed out at the last baseball game of the season in Savannah, Georgia.

Some were thrilled to taste their childhood candy they might have missed every Choco Taco background story and were just happy to score a free candy.

“As a sequel to the 2001 blockbuster Rat Race, I think you should put it in a freezer in Death Valley, share the coordinates and see what happens,” another Twitter user wrote in response to Klondike’s question.

While neither Rowan Atkinson nor Whoopi Goldberg raced through the dessert, Klondike put a fridge full of Choco Tacos at the Death Valley Oasis Hotelโ€”anyone who came to the address (or accidentally stumbled upon it while at the hotel) could get one.

The rat race and where the sun doesn’t shine

Klondike’s last tweet suggested they put their last 912 tacos “where the sun doesn’t shine.”

That, in Klondike’s interpretation, turns out to be Bellingham, Washington – the city of 90,000 people and forty minutes south of the Canadian border is often rated as one of the least sunny places in the country.

It was more of a come and get it for those who happened to be in Bellingham, said the Klondike representative nearby at the time. Those looking for more of a challenge can still take part in the Klondike virtual scavenger hunt.

And given Klondike’s hints upon return, the constant reference to “the last choco taco” has turned into an ever more marketing nudge. But for those who want to sign up for another account, Klondike’s Instagram account will post combinations of emojis to guess which account they should switch to on September 21.

The first 100 people to reach the “virtual freezer” on September 21 will receive a choco taco in the mail.

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