This Cryptocurrency Has Grown 170% This Year, And Even Bigger Gains Are Ahead

This Cryptocurrency Has Grown 170% This Year, And Even Bigger Gains Are Ahead
Source: Twitter/@Tamadoge

Finding high-value coins on sale that could skyrocket once in the limelight is among the best investment advice for anyone entering the crypto space. tamadoge (TAMA) has proven this advice to be correct in more ways than one.

What is Tamadoge?

TAMA is the native token of Tamadoge, a new cryptocurrency project and self-proclaimed “easy to earn” Dogecoin that aims to combine the functionality of blockchain gaming with meme currencies’ penchant for sporadic gains.

The digital asset was designed to be a native token for its gaming ecosystem, allowing investors and gamers access to a world where they could fight for supremacy and win while playing.


Tamadoge allows players to raise “doges“, digital pets represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Players can battle these pets to earn doges and TAMA tokens as they progress.

Discover Tamadoge

Impressive gains for TAMA so far

TAMA has been one of the most interesting assets on the market so far. The asset is currently available in presale on the Tamadoge website, early investors can get it.

When the TAMA presale started, a single token could be purchased for $0.01. Since then, an influx of investors has driven the price of the coin to $0.027. TAMA has proven to be a reliable investment for anyone looking to make gains, with an increase in 170% in less than three months.

The Tamadoge developers confirmed earlier this week that they had lifted 14.5 million dollars during the pre-sale of the token. Tamadoge is increasingly looking like a viable investment for investors as they work to launch the full platform and all of its additional features.

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Tamadoge developers are stepping up their fan engagement efforts in addition to their work on the platform. For example, they recently launched a contest of $100,000, allowing community members to earn through their social media activities.

New partnerships strengthen Tamadoge

While the buzz on social media and activities excite investors, Tamadoge developers are still working hard to form the best alliances to strengthen their ecosystem.

They collaborated with Transak at the beginning of the month to set up fiat currency on-ramps. This allows users from over 15 countries to buy ETH with their credit cards or local payment methods and instantly convert it to TAMA.

Users who embark on Tamadoge can purchaseETH easily with various payment methods including but not limited to cards, Google pay and Apple pay, using Transak. They can then convert ETH to TAMA immediately. This fast and secure process makes it more convenient for interested buyers to purchase the asset.

With further developments underway and the pre-sale of TAMA which will close soon, this asset is poised for even bigger gains.

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