These Walmart Moves Will Make Parents And Holiday Shoppers Happy

These Walmart Moves Will Make Parents And Holiday Shoppers Happy

Well, summer is officially over. So it’s time to start thinking about the holidays.

All right, well, drink all the pumpkin latte you want. Put on a jacket, listen to Taylor Swift’s “folklore” and go pick some apples if you really need to stand up for the sanctity of the fall season.

Back to school and Halloween are busy times for the retail sector. But nothing compares to the holiday season. There was a time when it technically started the day after Thanksgiving, and passed through Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and the winter solstice throughout New Year’s Eve.

But the increase in sales from the holidays is so strong that online and in fact retailers are being incentivized to keep progressing in determining when the season starts. There hasn’t been an official culture judgment on this or anything else, but in general once Halloween is over all bets are off, and you’d better wrestle if you want the latest PlayStation for your loved one. (SNEJF) or Apple (APPLE) Dodad.

In case you thought we were exaggerating a little here, well, one of the largest retailers in the country has already announced new policies for the holiday season.

What are the return policies announced by Walmart?

Walmart (WMT) Three new return policies have been announced, as part of the “Holiday Guarantee,” so parents don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong “Minecraft” version. These policies will start on October 1.

  • Holiday Guarantee: Purchases made either in-store or at Walmart on or after October 1 can now be returned through January 31, 2023.
  • Pavement Returns: Time is money, so if you’re the type to pick up your weekly grocery purchases outside the store, you can also return your holiday purchases there.
  • Returning from home for Walmart+ members: In some cities, Walmart+ subscribers will have the option to use the Walmart+ app to schedule a return from their homes. Members will not need to provide a box or sticker, they can just hand it over to the delivery driver. But, again, only in certain areas.

Walmart slashes prices for holidays

Walmart has been under fire for decades for everything from alleged mistreatment of employees, especially during the coronavirus outbreak, to heavy hand and censorship in the CDs it sells.

But a large number of people, especially those who live on a tight budget or are ideologically inclined to not care about cash, continue to patronize Walmart, due to the low prices of the chain.

As part of its latest holiday initiative, Walmart plans to offer deep discounts on toys, home, electronics and beauty products, among other things.

Walmart has added 1,400 new toys to its toy collection, including over 500 Walmart-exclusive toys, and this lineup will include items from Star Wars, Barbie, Transformers, EGO, Cocomelon, Jurassic World, Paw Patrol, LOL Surprise and Magic Mixies. More than half of the toys on Walmart’s Top Toy list are under $50, and many are under $25.

Additionally, customers can check out the new Flash Picks section, which highlights the latest limited-time-only deals available online. The company also introduced a feature where customers can create and manage records, including a new “scan to add” that lets customers scan items in the store using the Walmart app to add directly to the record.

Customers can also use’s new virtual experiences and Show In Your Home to see if an item works in their home.

Finally, in the spirit of the season, Walmart introduced the Spark Good Charity Initiative, as a way to provide support to the charities that its customers support.

  • Spark Good Round-Up: Customers can round up their total purchase, either in person or online, and donate the change to the charity of their choice.
  • Spark Good Registry: Similar to a wedding registry, nonprofits can manage records of the products they want and need from Walmart customers. Nonprofits can also send charitable and thank-you receipts to donors through Spark Good.

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